Oh, hey there! Liz Grant here. Welcome to another installment of the Creative Toolbox. Today we are taking a look inside the toolbox of photographer Trever Hoehne. You have probably seen one of Trever’s beautifully composed images somewhere around the web. I encourage you to spend some time exploring his portfolio and be inspired by the use of light and color in his work. His personal projects ‘Blurry Things’ and ‘The Lomo Garden‘ are completely stunning as well.

Trever has spent the last half decade devoted solely to commercial photography, dreaming up concepts and ideas with his clients to produce images that say something. He’s taken his camera from the coast of sunny southern California to the deserts of Israel. With an understanding of fine art and obsession with great light, Trever produces distinctive images for discerning clients around the world. Follow along.

Here is Trever discussing his go-to items:

Similar to the inspiration that comes when buying a new instrument, a different format in photography is often inspiring. I have shot my Mamiya rz 67 for a few years now and Id have to say I think its the best camera ever… but due to clients deadlines and the need to keep up with the immediacy of this fast paced industry, I recently purchased a Phase One. Its a much slower process than shooting 35mm DSLR’s and I love it. Its a very inspiring tool to use in my work.

2 // ART
I grew up in an art family. My brother and I were spoiled to have such great art mentors growing up. It wasn’t until college that I really opened my eyes to the art world and began to study it seriously. I majored in painting and my wife and I are active art buyers so our walls are always changing and adapting to our current moods/ new acquisitions. I personally get a ton of inspiration from looking at fine art. I try to match my editing tones to pigments of oil paintings often.

3 // Lomo LC-A+
My buddy Chase got me hooked on these little beauties. I found that as I was growing in my career, I wasn’t taking time to just take pictures for fun. I always encourage artists to fight for time to just make something that doesn’t need to be sold, “liked” or even seen. That’s what this tool does for me. Its small, light and creates amazing images so I have it with me often. It lets me just have fun and we all have heard that saying “your best camera is the ones that’s with you.” …. pretty true.

I know this sounds clique and not a physical tool, but I cant tell you what a break does for a creative person. As a busy artist, I have to fight for time to just enjoy taking a walk, breathing fresh air and just resting. I have found its in those moments where I dream and creativity is birthed.

I think we can all agree that music is essential to keep sane but a particular album has kept my attention. Kathleen Edwards “Asking for Flowers”. Amazing album.

I am a huge advocate of “brainwashing” yourself with quality visuals. I love to keep up with my industry by having actual editorials all around me. My wife likes to give me a hard time when we read the same magazines. I like to keep a good pulse on current trends and images. Some of the most amazing photographs are found in these editorials… a definite go to for stirring the creativity.

My manager turned me on to these…. double shot espresso macchiato. Does the job well.

When it comes to lighting, I love broncolor. This lets me mold light exactly how I want whether on location or in the studio. Broncolor has been a staple in my lighting journey.

Thanks so very much Trever!

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