I am seriously drooling over the 31Bits new summer collection! It just released today!! Bold, bright, and sooo elegant!! AHH! I am in love with that hat too! These photos are amazing!! Don’t you think? After cruising around the new items added to the shop I think the one below is my ultimate fave!! Congrats 31bits on a very inspiring collection that is doing good and making a HUGE difference in the world.

The new line is called COLOR OUT LOUD!! and I love their description for it:
“The word COLOR describes 31 Bits perfectly…because it takes VALUE, CHROMA, and HUE to make us who we are. Between our ladies in Uganda, our staff, and our customers, our 31 Bits team is made up of people who are BRIGHT, who are STRONG, and who each have an important position in our FAMILY. This summer, we’re going to show the world what makes us who we are…we’re going to COLOR OUT LOUD.” Go cruise around their new collection. Which one do you think will be a HOT seller?

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  1. Jenna Day

    Wow! I love the whole collection! Thank you for sharing! I think either the “Razzle Dazzle” or the “Orchid Loop” will be best sellers. Both are great! I will probably order the “Orchid Loop” :) So FUN!

  2. Kelly Sauer

    Oh wow. My eyes are HAPPY now! So um, you’re going to get one of these and come to Charleston so I can photograph you, right? ;-)

  3. MailInh

    I LOVE them all! Torn between so many choices. Haha!

  4. Annie

    Oh I love the razzle dazzle necklace! And the 87 cuff, and the riverbed necklace. I’m thinking of hosting a party sometime soon :)