ALRIGHT!!! I am back from seattle and in the dark depths of catching up on emails, planning, designing, photoshoots, and all the crafty sorts. haa. It’s all good though. So it really seemed like you guys like my 5 things post last time. So i decided to do it again today. Again big stars for elsie because i seriously doesnt know how she does it every sunday. GEE WIIZZZ!! haha. Here are the 5 things.

1. I LOVE that i have loved painting since i was little. It’s really cool to go back and look at my life and realize that I am still the SAME person as before. That even when I was 2 or 3 you could see traits in me that i have now. haha. I know that could sound dumb, but stay with me. Things that i had thought had developed over time were really there all along.

One thing is… people laugh at me because i can get over excited about the little things in life… litteraly ooo-ing and awww-ing over chocolate covered macadamia nuts, my favorite song on the radio, a goofy facial expression, or even a victory dance after I toss & score a wad of paper in the recycling bin. Being back at home this week my mom told me that i was ALWAYS excited about everything when i was little. haha. and i still am now. thats funny. Here is a photo of me painting. Check out that style too, right? vintage dress and bracelets. Not to mention the STYLISH HAIR CUT!! hahaha.


2. I scored these white moccasin shoes at Savers for 5 bucks about a year ago. I LOVED them so much. i thought i had lost them, but YAY!!! I found them again in seattle at my parents house. good to have them back. nice and comfy, easy to slip on, and unique.

3. ROOTBOOST is the deal. All the girls ask what I use on my hair. And this is my favorite. Spray it on the root and let it go for a few days. Nice for volume. My hair girl Kim got me hooked on it. I wish she had a link i could give you. I am trying to get her online.

4. Next. i was HONORED to be hired to take this lovely lady’s photographs!!! I LOVED this shoot with actress/model Erin Mahoney. SHE IS GORGEOUS and seriously this shoot was the most fun I have had in a while. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the photos.

5. ART FOR HURUMA PRINTS ARE IN!! I have slowing been receiving the prints and products for Art for Huruma in the mail. YAY! its soo cool to see the hard work we did in REAL LIFE! That is the paycheck itself. It is so rewarding to see how everything came out. The prints look FAB!!! I cant wait to get the t-shirts in. Everything should be shipped out in just a couple of weeks. Here is a little note to all of you who supported and purchased the Art for Huruma products:

Thanks to everyone who ordered during the month of August to support the Huruma Children’s Home. A couple people have emailed wondering when they will receive the shirts. We only ordered what was paid for during August. That way Barton and I don’t have extra shirts and expenses just lying around = less money to be able to donate.

So, the orders were finalized on Tuesday and everything is off the printer! I will post more details on the final totals and money raised after we’ve figured out all the expenses. A minimum of $15/tee and $12/Poster print were donated; however, there’s a very good chance that total will be more per tee once I’ve confirmed all the costs involved. Thanks for you support!

Special thanks to INVartistnetwork for partnering with us to print these tees. And a very special thank you to COLLIDE Magazine for their repeated support in spreading the word about this initiative.

ALRIGHT!!!! any comments? or thoughts? gonna try rootboost? haha. OR have it already? YOUR TURN. LINK BACK HERE WITH YOUR TOP 5 THINGS YOU LOVE.

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  1. nathan

    I think I should use Root Boost on my hair as well…j/k. hehe

  2. Blaine

    I LOVE your LOVES. Here is a link to mine: http://www.blainehogan.com/post/183659450/five-things-im-into-right-now

  3. Jenna Bourland

    My Top 5 Loves at the moment:

    1) Plain Tart frozen yogurt from BTO. Do you guys have BTO in Phx? If not, a trip down to Tucson is more than worth it. Ahh..

    2) Burt’s Bees chapstick. Enough said.

    3) Fall attire. I know this is southern AZ and it won’t cool off for another two or three months, but I’m still loving tights and boots right now. Good thing my office is always about 60 degrees.

    4) Photo/design/fashion blogs. I’m not very good at photography or art or anything along those lines, but I lovelovelove looking through other people’s work. I could do it all day.

    5) Hand-me-downs. Being poor sucks most of the time, but when my family and friends give me furniture or trinkets they don’t want anymore, I feel like it’s Christmas! I’m all about making another person’s junk my treasure and not having to pay a dime to do it. It evens beats thrifting.

  4. April Russell

    My “5 things I love”


  5. April Russell

    Oh, and I LOVE root booster. I am not positive i’ve tried that one, but I will!

  6. Nicole Monique Photography

    Ok ever since you posted about rootboost awhile back I have become an addict…like can’t stop using gonna plaster my hair with the entire bottle but love it that much more addict! You are so fabulous for sharing your lil secret with us, thanks girlie! I am also loving real frozen yogurt at the moment. We have a place here in monterey on cannery row called MYO and it is rockin my world! And I can’t wait to get my humura tshirt too, I’m sure it will be on my top 5 list as soon as it arrives!

  7. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Nicole!! ahah. thats AWESOME about your rootboost. you should show before and after photos. :) hhaa. i am really excited for the art for huruma tees as well. yiippyy.

  8. Ruthi Auda

    love me some root boost!

    Fun to read over your blog–let’s be blog friends?

  9. kellyhicks

    here are my 5: http://kellyhicksblog.com/2009/09/15/five-things-i-heart/

  10. Sarah

    MMM! The thing that really hooks me with the TIGI products is the smell. I just grab a handful of hair, take a wiff and I’m in a happy place. So going to try the root boost. I’m hooked on headrush already, which is just a shine spray, I’ll just add to my addictions.

  11. Ashlee

    Here are my 5 things! Love your shoes, btw!! http://ashleerohnert.blogspot.com/2009/09/5-things-i-love_15.html

  12. sarahbel

    love this! and LOVE those shoes…some of my favorite pairs of kicks come from Savers and the like! :) You should try ‘My Sister’s Closet’ up in Scottsdale…they have lovely designer finds for killer prices! I blog every Tuesday about my top-ten!!

  13. kimberly

    I’m afraid that the root boost would just give me southern, old-lady, helmet hair, but I may try it someday.
    You are so inspiring, and while I hate to admit it, I did copy you and did my 5 I love list…. but then what’s that they say about imitation…..
    Praying that you are totally blessed this week!

  14. haley lamb

    so inspired by your hair that I went out and got me some rootboost! can’t wait to try it out :) here’s my five–>http://www.haleylambphoto.blogspot.com

  15. Melina

    YEE! I’m having fun posting my five things!! Thanks so much for the idea, LOVE your 5 BTW! Here’s mine: http://honeybird.typepad.com/honeybird/2009/09/5-things-i-love-1.html.html

  16. Samantha

    you are super rad

  17. Caroline

    i have the same moccosins and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes i own. mine USED to be white, too.

  18. Veronica

    Here’s mine!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Gleenn

    I was completely smitten by the “About Me” page. Such a wonderful essay about one’s self with a very beautiful perspective in life. I love your site a lot. I enjoyed everything that I”ve read and seen. I’m adding you to my linklist. God bless to your marraige and endeavors. :)

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