SPRING IS COMING SPRING IS COMING SPRING IS COMING. It’s funny to me that I would LOVE these posts.. haha because its all about the things I love… and thats weird. But i guess i love sharing things that I love?!? But i do think these items are unique and worth a feature. I always love to see links of things you all are loving so don’t forget to link up or list in the comment section. okay, here it goes:

I am sooo excited to first announce that I have a few items featured in the shop called I absolutely love how crafty, fun, whimsical, inspirational and fun these girls are. I have fallen in love with their products and style. I have some special dinosaur necklaces for sale there as well as custom glasses, headbands, and fine art prints on archival paper. Only a few left so get them now. Definitely check out their shop for UBER cuteness.


Maile from Epiphanie bags is… OH such a doll. And her camera bags are seriously THE BOMB! They are really fashionable, and fit a lot of gear and still have room for a couple of personal items as well. PLUS!! THEY ARE GIVING AWAY A CANON 5D MARK ii. Check them out for more details HERE. I also love this bag because it doesn’t look like a nerdy camera bag. It looks like a super cute purse.


I have been totally crushing on bright colored sweaters coming out of winter and entering into spring. Sweaters are perfect for that in between weather and there is nothing better then that POP of something special mixed with comfort. I have been living in sweaters lately… mostly because they are SUPER comfy and they can be funky. There are so many cute ones out there right now. Plus i love that you can keep sweaters in your closet almost all year round because they are a lightweight basic. I found these sweaters at Urban outfitters and Anthro.


Anyone ever heard of it? I have heard mention of it from a few other creatives… but it was until i got an email from Angel Cupp that i really looked into the site a little more. Every designer and artist should definitely check it out. It is an amazing site that allows you to create an account, network with other artists, and also sell your prints online. They do all the printing and shipping but YOU get paid. Isn’t that great? I was really impressed by the quality of work displayed as well. You definitely need to check it out and consider joining. Check Society 6 out right HERE.


Okay this last one is a hit or miss. I know was more of a 2008 trend… but i am just now loving them more and i have a new appreciation for them. i am a girl that has always loved the baggy tom boy look..haha i know at times it is aweful, but i love causal, and carefree. Harem pants is a great mix of that tomboy look with the chic skinny pants look that is oh so trendy right now. I bought a pair of black ones and wore them with a fitted blazer to photograph a wedding and i felt chic, funky, yet profession. So fun.


Don’t forget to link up in the comment section. I love seeing all the things you love as well. Plus if you have seen or come across a product that you would like i/my blog community would love please send an email to

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  1. jamie delaine

    that lace/striped cardigan is AMAZING. i want it. where did you find that?

  2. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Jamie- anthro. I should probably list that. :)

  3. Jamie Wyckoff

    I love how funky those pants are, but my legs are too short already. they’d prob go past my knees. :/ ha! love the dino necklaces too. fun, fun!

    here’s a link to my current loves/sources of inspiration.

  4. s h e r r y

    LOVE the Epiphanie bags too! <3 There’s been a sudden outpour of cute stylish bags lately. Choices, choices.

  5. Lydia

    I love cardigans and am so sad when it’s blazing hot in the summer and too warm for them. The blue striped, lace one has been on my wish list since it came out. Just added the yellow one too!

  6. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Jamie-great stuff.. I cant wait to show you the collab project comin soon. :) so fun.
    sherry!! I KNOW!! such cute gear right now… they are making our world so fashionable.
    Lydia: I SERIOUSLY LOVE that lace sweater… sooo pretty. i love being comfy. :)

  7. Ana

    aww!!! the dinosaur necklaces are the best!!

  8. Meera

    omg i soo want the red or black Epiphanie bag. Sooo cute! XMillion! :) wish i could afford it! :P

  9. Kodi

    I agree wholeheartedly on the sweater account. I want that bright yellow one! And the Anthro striped/lace one. Lovely.

    And :
    I post the things I love on Sundays, so you’ll have to wait a day!

  10. maile

    How fun to stumble on Lola in your favorite things! THANK YOU PROMISE!! :)

  11. Michelle Clement

    Oh, lovely! :) I’ve been jonesing for a yellow cardigan, and that one you have pictured is just sooo perfect!! Good finds!

  12. BabiEyez

    thanks for the link to the society6 website! I’ve been wanting to put my art up on a site similar to that. looks really great :) dinosaur necklaces are also very cute!

  13. Duna Loves

    wonderful Redvelvetart works!

  14. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Babieyez-YEs definitely check it out. there are some KILLER stuff on that site. You will love it. and it looks really simple to use. not to complicated. thats how i like it. haha

  15. Courtney Joy

    I like the trendy and elegant jewelry that Jessica Sheppard (Nuvintage) creates. I ordered a necklace from her recently and it’s now a definite favorite in my jewelry box =)

  16. Brandi Lisenbe

    i love harem pants!!!! i got them in black and tye dye… jacob hates them with passion! hates! but i live in them:)

  17. Ike Janack

    Blog looks really good mate, keep it up! Inspires me to keep building a following of my own.

  18. Tara Wheaton

    So cute… I was looking at Showit Websites (I just did my first one, I’m a floral designer) and yours came up as one to check out. And I LOVE IT!! Hope mine can evolve into something amazing like that as I learn my way around Showit.

    The cute part is that my aspiring to be a photographer 14 year old daughter came in and we were checking out the site and blog and realizing that you/your husband were worship leaders she said… “She is my role model, I want to be like her!” She was so excited! I love when art does that!

    She is off to make a video for the Epiphanie Bags… Which she loves and now wants to save for! So Thank You for the inspiration!

  19. lyndsay hyatt-almeida

    promise, i’m always on the hunt for cute camera bags. i carry a shootsac most of the time, but i think i NEED one of those epiphanie bags. :) thanks for posting!

  20. alex evjen

    that striped cardigan has my name written all over it! great post!

  21. Kristin J.

    I may try adding lace to a few cardigans I already have. What a fun way to update a look!

  22. Ashlee

    I ordered the Lola bag & should be getting it in the next week! So EXCITED! I LOVE the harem pants but I don’t know if I could pull them off. I should just get some and rock them out like I just don’t care. haha! Thanks for sharing Society6! I haven’t heard about it before, it looks awesome!!! Hope you’re having a fab week!

  23. Sarah Rhoads

    Harlem Pants! I’m so on the edge about them right now! :) not sure if I could pull of the long crotch skinny leg thing lol but I think they are so bad a$$. Saw a lot of people walking around NYC with them on last week… that’s got to mean something.

  24. Anwen Norman

    Ditto Jamie on the striped cardigan…loooovvvinggg it! And just cardigans in general…can’t get enough of them!