First off I have to say that I was AMAZED at the response at the post asking the question “how old are you, and how do you spend your day”? It has kept me in amazement for the last few days. I have read all the responses and it seriously feels like I get to actually know you a little now. That is really a cool thing. So, thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me. Second… I think you will love all of these things I love as well. They are a really practical and useful bunch this time. AND they just happen to be my new ad sponsors this month as well. How lucky am I? So, here is goes…

These girls have become great friends in the past recent months and I LOVE the new project they are working on together. They are proposing a new tv show series called “Girls with Glasses”. As they articulated in their write up: “The Girls With Glasses Show was founded for every woman who wants to be entertained-the smart girl talk show. Brooke White and Summer Bellessa bring together humor, intelligent insight and heart to fashion, entertainment, art and music in this part-hips and part variety talk show. And yes-they both do wear glasses in real life. Check out their official website for the show at thegirlswithglasses.com Also check out these KILLER videos that give you an idea of what the show will be like.

This is the new ISH to know about for sure. I have been tinkering around with these lovely actions and I have LOVED the results from Formula One. Actions are nice because you can get that KILLER fabulous look by combining actions in photoshop… that way you save time and get to spend time doing other things that you love. Basically actions do all the hard stuff and its up to you what the result looks like. Sound like fun? I recommend you give these a try. THERE ARE TONS. You can purchase and download these actions right to your computer. Check out their website at formulaoneactions.com. If you plan to give them a try, use my discount code: PROMISE for $25 off. check back later to their site to see some of my photos on display.

Everyone wants to hear about cool new music… ESPECIALLY FREE NEW MUSIC!! WHAT TO THE WHAT? WHAT? The Downplayer is a simply RAD new website where 10 new tunes are uploaded everyday for free download monday-friday. How sweet is that? iI mean seriously… there is no catch. Check it out. The simple design is also REALLY appealing. Kudos to the downplayer team yo! Lovin the hover info. Thedownplayer.com

Ever heard of them? Robbie Seay Band is an amazing group of talented songwriters and worshipers. Take a quick look at their website. robbieseayband.com. Be sure to check out his new record called Miracle. Check back to my blog this coming week for a giveaway. Wooho. Robby Seay Band is one of my husband Brian’s FAVORITE worship bands.

GOSH kelli is so cute. Kelli Trontell Is a California girl now located in Nashville. She has a really crisp beautiful perspective with an indie rock vibe… THE PERFECT COMBO, in my opinion. I love that she has the real deal red hair. Her photography, personality and branding is really unique and fresh and I am so excited to have her featured on my blog this month. Don’t miss checking out her blog site. www.kellitrontell.com

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