This january marks the 3 year date that I have been out of an “office”. Like an office, office. I wanted to work at home and have my own business… so I set out to make that happen. At home I didn’t have an office set up. Well… we called it the office but it was really the junk room. haha. I know I took a picture of it at some point and I really wish I could find it. AHH!! but I can’t. anyway, it was BAD!! And I never spent any time in there. It was truly the place we put everything that just didn’t have a place.

We were traveling a lot and still are… and it just never seemed practical to me to have an office. I did everything on my 15in laptop. HA!! But I got to a point where everything SEEMED really unorganized and I started to feel like my head was foggy because of it. DO you ever have that feeling? When your house, office, or room is messy and you just can’t think straight until it’s clean? Haha. We’ll maybe you haven’t felt like that… but I started to feel that way about my business and creative space. Or lack of. So this is a start of my office. It’s definitely a work in progress. Needs more inspiration for SURE. But that will come. I LOOOOVE working in it. It’s actually helped me feel more empowered to be business-y. Like making business phone calls and talking shop. Now I just need a business HAT that I can put on too. haha. I feel like I am at work… in a good way. AND I can easily shut the door and go have a snack downstairs and not feel like it has to come with me.

SO, currently I have a 17in macbook pro. SOOO nice and it’s connected up by thunderbolt to my 27in display monitor. SO I can work from 2 monitors. IT’S SOO great because when I have to leave I just unplug and go. I don’t have to transfer any files. That was my main hang up before. The set up and office is still very basic. Nothing fancy. But I am excited for what it can become. My future goals would be to have a shared creative space/office away from home with other talented people. I love collaboration and what that can bring. I hope you enjoy this small tour of my office. And I hope to keep you updated with the changes and progression.

What do you all use for your office set up? Any creative or fun ideas to stay organized? I know a lot of you have your own business… SO DO SHARE!!

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  1. Michael

    How many copies of ReWork do you have, haha!

  2. KB

    I love it. And I wonder why you have 4 copies of “Rework.” :)

  3. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    HEEYY now!! You gotta have extra copies of good books to give your friends. :) right?

  4. abby

    i love love love kelli murray’s work! i’ve always wanted to grab one of her prints, but as a woman about to merge households with her soon-to-be husband (next month!), methinks now is not the time to invest in girly artwork? maybe when we expand from a two bedroom apartment (the spare is also where all of my guy’s music gear goes) to somewhere that gives me some office space too . . .

    great space!

  5. Jen

    Love your office! I have tons of Nylon issues I can’t part with either….

  6. Feuza

    I love seeing office inspiration, did you get the cork boards at staples? because I purchased a few on sale but they did not stick to wall properly and they chipped off, lol, love the plants and over all clean design

  7. Susan Evans

    Looks like a fun place to work! I got those same cork squares…for the same purpose, but they wouldn’t stay stuck to the wall…very frustrating. Hope yours work.

  8. Melissa

    I love your office! I’m a little more stationary than you, so this might not necessarily be applicable, but I mounted two ikea shelves side-by-side at the same level as my computer. I put all of my hard drives, pens, pencils & my plotter up there. Since there are two, I put the computer in front of the break, so all of the cords funnel through the same spot up the wall & are concealed by my 27″ iMac screen. It clears out a lot of desk space for sure.

    You can see what I mean right here (it’s not as awesome as yours, but you get the idea): http://melissaesplin.com/2011/10/as-good-as-its-gonna-get-the-studio/

    Your post is getting me so excited to decorate a new space. I can’t wait!

  9. Melissa

    Also, where did you get your desk? I’m sort of obsessed.

  10. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    I Did get those cork squares at Staples. And i have had to re-stick a few of them… They have been up for a while now… So i think it got it. THey need a lot of those sticky pads. :) haha.

  11. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Melissa- I got the desk at TJMAX actually. It was a find that I couldn’t pass up. I LOOOVE IT!!! I have never seen anything like it there since. Can’t wait to see you at ALT again this year. I hope you are going. :)

  12. Alexis

    I love your set-up, it definitely has a great flow to it.

    My struggle with organisation & workspace is that I don’t actually HAVE a workspace. I most often have to work from the kitchen table. We are moving soon & my number one requirement for the next house is a room to have my own office/studio. Keep us updated ’cause I can’t wait to use your pictures for inspiration…I especially will have to look into that chair you have! ;)

    You’re fantastic. :)

  13. Cheri Root

    It looks fantastic! I am in the process of re-doing my office and have a question for anyone that would like to chime in. Every time I see pics of offices I see cords coming from the computers but never see them under the desk or “going anywhere”. Any tips on how to manage all the cords from computers, external hard drives, computers, desk lamps, etc.! Thanks and thanks for your continued inspiration Promise :)

  14. Cheri Root

    Melissa-Just reading your post. Going to look at that concept :)

  15. Annie

    I love it! It’s so light and bright! :) My room has no windows, just a door to outside, so it’s COZY. I kind of crave a window though… I’m the most unorganised person ever, but I do colour code my closet. I guess that counts for something :)

    I LOVE your chair! I think that’s what I will invest in next. I always just have a random dining chair at my desk.

  16. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Cheri- I TOTALLY agree with you. I lOOOVE those magazine offices where they have the desk in the middle of the room…. yea… that does not work.
    I have all my chords on the right side of the desk underneath. and i have an outlet under there as well. great question though. I would love to hear people’s responses.

  17. Renee

    That desk is amazing!!! Love your set up.

  18. Emma

    I am the SAME WAY when my desk or the house is messy, I swear I tell Josh.. my head is fuzzy.. i just feel bleh, uninspired, lack focus! When I organize my desk, I feel like a fresh breathe of air….”

  19. Emma

    I am the SAME WAY when my desk or the house is messy, I swear I tell Josh.. my head is fuzzy.. i just feel bleh, uninspired, lack focus! When I organize my desk, I feel like a fresh breathe of air….”

  20. rachel!

    i LOVE your desk!! where did you get it?

  21. Joanne | Life's Fascinations

    Love what you’ve done with your office. I love the plants you got. I may have to stop by Ikea and get some for myself.
    I’m exactly the same way when my house is unorganized. I can get irritated easily. But once everything is neat & tidy, my mood gets better. It feels like a new beginning for me when everything is organized and clean.

  22. Caytlyn

    You are living my dream! I can’t wait to get out of college and work from home! But I was just curious, how long did you work in an office before deciding to go the self business route? I’m so worried about jumping into that and not having a single client!

  23. Gabriel

    Can you come build my office for me then?? It looks baaaaaaaaaad

  24. eeny

    Looks awesome, Promise. Love everything about it. Wish my working space would look anything like it.

    I love Kelli Murray’s art. Her pictures are amazing. I wish I hade one to hang in my room.

  25. ira lee

    very cool!!! i do feel that way, but at the moment i dont have any energy or motivation to put into organization!!! oh the double edge sword

  26. Mikaela

    inspiring!! now i gotta get going on my own!

  27. shaina longstreet

    Great office space. I’m working on finishing up mine so I can finally unpack boxes! and i love your desktop wallpaper with the numbers. did you design it or find it somewhere?

  28. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Shaina- I saw an idea like this on Pinterest and just made my own. :)

  29. Christina

    THANK YOU for sharing this. I love that you have a beautiful office and that your are so organized with your business. It inspires me. One question! (Perhaps a future blog post question??) What does a normal day look like for you? Do you have a set schedule for when you work? How you plan your day?

  30. Liz T.

    Now I’m inspired to have make my design corner more organized and personalized! Thanks for sharing Promise :)

    Are there any fabulous Graphic design mags you would suggest subscribing to for inspiration? Since I haven’t been in the industry for very long I’m a little green when it comes to what’s available. Would love some help :)

  31. Rachel Catlett

    Hi Promise!! :)
    LOVE your office!!! I’m slowly putting mine together right now. I still live at home, and probably will until I’m married, lol! It’s a gorgeous big room with one wall as a huge window seat, LOVE IT, but it hogs about 15 feet of wall space. I’ve got black/brown 6ft tall bookcases from ikea and once I have the room I want to put them on either side of my table. :) Right now I’m trying to figure out the cord situation, cause the mess stresses me out and I feel like I can’t work knowing the cords are tangled beneath my feet! haha!

  32. Cheri Root

    I agree with you Rachel! The cords are stressing me out. Every time I search for home offices or home office organization I see these beautiful offices set up with computers/printers/lamps but never any cords! Where are all the cords? :) I think of all the things I have-computer, printer, lamp, external hard drives, router…and I get overwhelmed as to all the cords under my desk! If anyone knows of a solution or website that has some organization tips I am open to all suggestions! Promise-right now I have mine going down the back and have most of them going to the middle (my husband and I share a long desk/work area with a cubby type cube in the middle).

  33. Bethany Olson

    LOVE this office space! I’m currently in the process of making mine more “work friendly”. And I love your mac setup. So great.

  34. Lizzy

    Promise!!!!! i heart all things desk area and yours is quite fantastic!!!!!! To me, to be inspired, my work area must be inspiring. I have a Pinterest board just for all things desk and switch my own every so often. Magazines are also a huge part of mine- Elle and Print mostly. :0) …Cheers and can’t wait to see more Ms. Promise!!


  35. Dion Evans

    That is soooo cool! I am a freelance web designer and I have wanted to set up an office for a while, but have not come anywhere close. I use a laptop pedastal and find a couch or chair at home. Funny thing is I have been having a creativity block and it might be on account of what you have been saying in regards to having a creative space. I am inspired now to carve out a niche in my home. Thanks Promise!!! :-)

  36. sarah danaher

    where did you get the skull? looking for one…

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  38. Leanne

    I LOVE THAT SKULL! where did you get it?!

  39. Ali Jefferies

    I stumbled upon your page via a mutual Facebook friend (Lauren Fair) and really like what I see! I especially appreciate this post – I’m in that “office/junk room” phase of a new business now, and I absolutely have the same problem with disorganization killing my work vibe. I’m dreaming of the day I’ll have a true workshop/office space, but until then I’ll continue drooling over other people’s spaces :) Have fun setting up shop!