This january marks the 3 year date that I have been out of an “office”. Like an office, office. I wanted to work at home and have my own business… so I set out to make that happen. At home I didn’t have an office set up. Well… we called it the office but it was really the junk room. haha. I know I took a picture of it at some point and I really wish I could find it. AHH!! but I can’t. anyway, it was BAD!! And I never spent any time in there. It was truly the place we put everything that just didn’t have a place.

We were traveling a lot and still are… and it just never seemed practical to me to have an office. I did everything on my 15in laptop. HA!! But I got to a point where everything SEEMED really unorganized and I started to feel like my head was foggy because of it. DO you ever have that feeling? When your house, office, or room is messy and you just can’t think straight until it’s clean? Haha. We’ll maybe you haven’t felt like that… but I started to feel that way about my business and creative space. Or lack of. So this is a start of my office. It’s definitely a work in progress. Needs more inspiration for SURE. But that will come. I LOOOOVE working in it. It’s actually helped me feel more empowered to be business-y. Like making business phone calls and talking shop. Now I just need a business HAT that I can put on too. haha. I feel like I am at work… in a good way. AND I can easily shut the door and go have a snack downstairs and not feel like it has to come with me.

SO, currently I have a 17in macbook pro. SOOO nice and it’s connected up by thunderbolt to my 27in display monitor. SO I can work from 2 monitors. IT’S SOO great because when I have to leave I just unplug and go. I don’t have to transfer any files. That was my main hang up before. The set up and office is still very basic. Nothing fancy. But I am excited for what it can become. My future goals would be to have a shared creative space/office away from home with other talented people. I love collaboration and what that can bring. I hope you enjoy this small tour of my office. And I hope to keep you updated with the changes and progression.

What do you all use for your office set up? Any creative or fun ideas to stay organized? I know a lot of you have your own business… SO DO SHARE!!

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