Our wedding was the most amazing day of our lives. We NEVER thought it would have been as glorious as it was. It was truly a dream wedding without the price tag. Our friends and family came around us with so much love and support. It was amazing. We have the greatest friends and family. This was the best wedding ever. haha. Brian and i seriously cried the whole morning after because we were so thankful and unworthy of love like this. I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of our special day. We would love comments from everyone on this post… and especially from those that were there.


These next 6 photos were taken by my brother-in-law to be TROY GROVER


my pretty mom


my sister doing my make up. Kim Cornwell ROCKED my hair out.


Our flower girls are Brian’s little cousins. They rocked handmade headbands and tutus by Carol Weekly.


We found the bridesmaids dresses at anthropology. The girls sported headpieces handmade by me and my friends and feathers and leaves in their bouquets.


The guys rocked handmade boutonnieres with feathers, burlap, leaves, and sticks made by my friends and i. The guys were like “what the heck is this?” hahaha. WEAR IT!!


A sash wrap or whatever its called came with my dress.. Who wears a sash wrap? haha. I cut it up and wrapped it around my arms and also made a BIG flower thing for my hair out of it. hhaha.


My favorite buddy NATHAN BRACEROS (who was on my side in the wedding party) made paper butterflys out of newspaper to hang in the trees on the stage. It was breathtaking.


Are those flowers glowing? YES yes they are. Our decor down the aisle was quite simple… tall sticks and sparce flowers. I order small battery operated lights to go into the flowers to ad a magical touch to light the path.


our flower girls sprinkled feathers down the isle. It was soo cute. and easy to clean up. haha.

dadwalking photo above by troy grover

We had a band playing an intrumental version of “the chapel of love” for the wedding party walking down. Then our friend wrote a little trasition for the flower girls that went right into COLDPLAY FIX YOU!!! It was amazing. Just instrumental. Okay. Heres the catch.. The organ sounds that the band was playing sounded just like the beginning of the song… it sounded exactly like it… then 10 or so seconds into that song… the doors opened and I started walking to the bridge of the song. That is when the guitars come in. It was really emotional and almost left like a movie. Here is the link to the music video. I started walking at 2:30min marker of that video. Of course the video didnt play at the wedding, i am just using at as a timer for you to get the idea of what part i walked to.


After our main vows lead by my father (a Pastor), our great friend Ron Merrell explained worship and communion time for everyone during the ceremony. First, I will tell you that we (jon bugg & chip neal) build this covering over our heads called an chuppah. Brian and i love this book called Sex God by Rob Bell. Theres a chapter in the book that talks about the jewish tradtition and why they incorporate prayer shawls into their weddings. The book talks about the chuppah as being a visual for Gods abundant umbrella of love that we were making a covennant under. He talked about life, and how we walk out of that covering of Gods love from time to time.

And that day, we invited everyone to have communion and stand under the chuppah as a symbol of the relationship that God wants with all of us. We made two other chuppahs on the ground on each side of our main chuppah. Ron did a call for single people to recommit their life and surrender their relationships to him, he then did a call for husbands to take the hand of their wife and lead out in reconnecting their marriage covenant with God, and he did a call for people that are still trying to figure God out and dont really know what it means in their life yet. People LINED UP!!! and quietly had communion with their family or by themselves under the chuppah. They spend about 1 minute each just standing under the visual of God’s love and reconnecting their life to His. It was a very powerful moment.

While this was going on Brian and i were doing communion as well. We had to move out of our chuppah, to open up an additional chuppah, because there were soo many people that wanted to participate in this special time. While communion was happening there was a worship band playing: How He Loves, Center, and Unchanging. HOW HE LOVES IS AMAZING. 

Okay and the BEST part of that day was the stories that we heard from what happened during that worship and communion time. There were people that took communion for the first time, there were people explaining to others what it really meant to take communion and to have a relationship with christ, and there were marriages being healed. We also heard a story about one of our quests whose battling aggressive cancer. During this time of worship a small group of close friends took the inititiative to lay hands on our friend and pray for her healing. It was a powerful time. I honestly didn’t know how people were going to respond but Brian looked at me and told me that he really felt that God wanted us to do this. haha. Uhh… there was no questioning it at that point. I loved how our wedding was not just about us getting married.. it was ultimately an expression of God’s deep love for His people and we were able to leave space for Him to do his restoring work in the lives of some of the people (and marriages) we love the most.

img_2958blogphoto above by Troy Grover

I collected trinkets, old vintage finds, glass jars, and treasures at Savers and Goodwill for the reception decorations. There were some lovely ladies and great friends working their tails off to make all this happen. Our great friend Carrie Allen caught the dream and took off with it. Guitar picks with a printed design and our initials were hung by twine on the centerpiece trees for guests to take as a favor. 


I hand made this cake topper. Nathan braceros bought the supplies for me.


You will definitely get a better idea of the day by watching this slideshow that Troy Grover made. Check it out.

CLICK HERE to see a SLIDESHOW of more of our photos by Troy Grover

CLICK the image to see a SLIDESHOW of more of our photos by Troy Grover


If you went to our wedding please leave a comment about something you saw that we might have missed. Tell us your story of how our wedding might have impacted you. It has been AWESOME hearing some of the stories that we wern’t able to see or know. Since this is a blog post that we will always have to look back on, I would love to hear your thoughts on things that went “unseen”. Maybe you can view this like an in-depth guest book. Thank you all so much for enjoying in our special day with us. I can’t wait to hear more stories. Check back for more photos from our main photographer Daley Hake and some really rad videos coming soon.

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  1. Jamie Delaine

    Wow. Your ceremony sounds SO incredible. I would love to witness something like that!

  2. ryan guard

    So sweet!
    Daley’s got skills.
    I love how you told the story on here, especially some of the unseen effects of the day (communion and marriages and all that).
    You’re definitely the coolest people we know. Don’t tell the others we said that ;)

  3. samantha felgemaker

    daley’s got quite the eye.

  4. amylynne

    you’re one of the most creative people I’ve ever seen, everything I’ve seen that you’ve done is absolutely gorgeous and unique. I LOVE the hairpiece you made… I think it’s stunning.

    congrats again on your marriage!

  5. Rachel Durban

    Wow. What a beautiful wedding! You and Brian are such an inspiration; I’ve never met you, but ya’ll are an encouragement to me and I just want to thank you. God has incredibly blessed you both and I wish ya’ll the absolute best in your marriage!

  6. Erin

    Hey Promise!

    I am one of Marina’s friends from high school. I absolutely LOVE your work…so unique and fun. Your headpiece is stunning, did you make it?

    Congratulations!! :)

  7. JV

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! These photos are fabulous!! I can only imagine how spectacular it must have been in-person! I pray blessings over you both as you embark on this adventure together…what a perfect way to start!

  8. vanessa

    wow your wedding looks like it was AMAZING! I love the pearl bracelet with three strands. may I ask where you got it, or did you make it? I love the big broach type thing on it :)

  9. T Frallicciardi

    Beautiful wedding

  10. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    ERIN!! YAY. thanks for saying hey. and yes i did actually make my hair thing. I made it out of extra fabric from my dress. WOOP WOOP

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  12. Nicole Monique Photography

    Promise, you are a total rockstar! I love how every single detail had so much thought put into it and how the whole day just screamed MADE BY PROMISE! LOVE! You are such a creative gifted individual and I am thoroughly impressed! Congrats on the first step of this amazing journey!

  13. Meredith Amadee

    that’s beautiful promise :) thank you for sharing and congratulations :)

  14. amy

    Promise, I feel like you captured your wedding perfectly in this post! I was very emotional at it, especially with the chuppah and watching ALL the people taking communion and worshipping together. Another favorite part of the ceremony (that made me all emotional) was looking over at the two of you during worship and seeing you raise your hands together, singing… what a way to start your marriage, worshipping our loving God together! It touched my heart. Love you lady

  15. Jill Lindquist

    Okay… still my favorite part was you wiping Bri’s tears away during the ceremony:) Makes me watery eyed to think about:) Love you guys so much!

  16. Laura Patty

    I don’t know you, but Brian is my boyfriend Matt Westbrook’s cousin, and ever since I saw Brian’s blog post on your proposal, I have been keeping up with any news on your wedding. You seem like an incredible couple and WOW! what an amazing wedding! I wish you all the best in your bright, bright future…Congrats!

  17. David Womack

    Totally Amazing!! Congrats! SO Creative.

  18. miss james

    WOW LOVE!!! seriously the most beautiful wedding i’ve ever laid eyes on!
    you are a doll. i want to be your neighbor and double date with you guys.

  19. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Hey miss James. haha you are soo sweet. double dates? of course. we wish.

  20. paige

    Adore everything about your wedding!!!!! Would LOVE to know the designer who did the dress! Congratulations!!! Amazing.

  21. April Chandler

    Wow. I literally was holding back tears while imagining your wedding ceremony – all those individuals and marriages taking things under God’s “umbrella”. That is SO beautiful! My brother in law and his fiance used a Chuppah for their wedding ceremony two weeks ago. I love the symbolism!
    Also, I CAN’T BELIEVE you walked down the aisle to the instrumental version of Coldplay’s Fix You because I did the EXACT SAME THING! The doors opened at the exact same moment for me! It’s definitely powerful – I love the music to that song! I told my husband you were my kindred spirit. :) Only, you definitely have way more creative talent than I do! Thanks so much for sharing your wedding day! I loved reading about it.


  22. Melissa Womack

    That must of been the Rock’nest day ever!!! Those pictures & slide show are amazing. I loved your walk down the isle music. Where people cheering you on?! I bet they felt like they were in a movie. I am so happy for you. What a wonderful day. I loved all your creative flare all over. God Bless you marriage and God Bless the talents he gave you.

  23. Callie Alexander

    Hey Promise! I follow your blog (from all the way in SC) and I absolutely LOVE how you did your hair & your centerpieces!! And from your pictures, it looks like you had the most magical day of your life!

  24. Amanda

    Your ceremony stirred something in my soul.
    I was inspired. I felt love. I felt loved. I felt.
    I wrote a whole blog about your wedding…

  25. bethfitch

    When I read the book Sex God I was deeply touched by the images of the chuppa evoked by Bell’s powerful words, but now I don’t need to use my imagination as you two are the living canvas of what the chuppa represents. And for God to show up in such a powerful way at your wedding….well it gives me chills and great hope for marriage, for a generation rising up, for the Kingdom.

  26. Rebekah

    Oh My GOODNESS! I have never seen a more amazing wedding! I love everything about it. Absolutly Amazing!

  27. Kelsey

    i’m currently planning my wedding, and i am going for a vintage/rustic look. i absolutely adore your wedding photos and it makes me so excited for my own wedding! congrats and i hope you and your husband have a great life together.

  28. Matilda

    Your wedding was gorgeous! Just beautiful and memorable. Unique decorations and it looks you all had a blast.

  29. Sarah-Jane

    Wow Promise! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now. This wedding looks totally amazing. You both are truly blessed to have the love and support you had on this special day of yours. TOTALLY A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
    Grace, Peace and best Wishes for your future.
    SJ xxx

  30. Lisa Call

    Hi! I’ve never met you but my future mother-in-law is Susan Booker (of EVFree HB), I’m not sure if you know her personally or just through Marina. Anyway, you are such an inspiration to me! Not only are you creative and talented in ways I could only dream of but you managed to have a unique, beautifully, individually designed wedding that showcased your talent and style and gave ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!!! I am planning my wedding and I NEVER want to lose perspective in all the details and plans of who designed the gift of marriage and who will be the One carrying us through it! I am planning on taking communion with my fiance during my ceremony and now I’d love to invite all witnessing to participate. The picture of you in your dress with your hands lifted to the Lord in worship brought me to tears! Congratulations and praise God for the blessings He’s given you!

  31. Lisa Call

    ps Where did you get all the branches and what not? Are those living, planted trees around the chuppah or branches placed in a pot? I am in over my head trying to find reasonably priced manzanita and curly willow! I want a very “enchanted forest” feel with branches and ribbons and lights and I thought it would be more economical than decorating with fresh flowers. Any thoughts for me?

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  33. jody

    This is amazing! Imagination that is SO out of the box and showing the love of God as well. Awesome!

  34. Amber

    holy gorgeous! Met Brian at Buckhead Church while you both were in Atlanta…we now have some friends in common and I spy on your blog from time to time. This post was inspiring!! Congrats.

  35. d

    The most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen…WOW!

  36. jill

    I linked to your post and quoted you on my blog… I know you don’t know me but I stumbled upon your blog today from Heather Whittaker’s. I am NOT a wedding person but the way you described your wedding is beautiful and powerful! Let me know if it’s a problem :)

  37. Kelsey Smith

    Promise. Wow. First, I lover EVERYTHING about your wedding. Your dress is perfect, my dream dress, your wedding, my dream wedding. I wish we could have seen it in person, it is so amazingly YOU. So unique, natural and filled with personal touches. If you come back to WA PLEASE let us know. We miss you!!! P.S. If/when Josh and I get married, I want you to fly up to do our photography FYI ;)

  38. DIana

    I loved thisssssssssssssssss sooooooooooooooooo much….sooooooooooooooo simple yet so beautiful…….I think it was awesome how u touched other peoples lives thru the chuppah……amazing…u gave them the opportunity….

  39. Lexy

    I love love love Sex God!! I was very excited to see that you guys used the chuppah idea, so wonderful. :)

  40. Stela by weddingvows

    I must say its amazing wedding ceremony. Everything seems perfect in this wedding with effective wedding photos.

  41. Suz


    I have just stumbled across your website via a link on Elsies and am blown away. Your have become a major influence with some of your ideas.

    Your wedding looks spectacular and I must admit there are a few ideas I may be borrowing for my own when the time comes around.

    You managed to put your own style on it and make it so true to your personalities rather than going down the road of same old wedding. Love it.

    Hope you have a lovely day

    Suz xx

  42. matt sloan

    holy hell! your wedding looked amazing! i would of died for at least an invitation!!! :)


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  44. s h e r r y

    These photos are amaaaazing! Seriously. Your wedding details are so incredible, you crafty girl, you! :O

  45. Emily

    oh. goodness. everything was just so. stinking. beautiful!!!

  46. Melissa Jill :)

    SOOO awesome guys! I loved reading about and seeing your wedding through this post. God is amazing for bringing you together and for what He did through the ceremony! I’m so blessed to have met you at WPPI and am excited we live so close!! Can’t wait to hang out!

  47. Alicia Damron

    Your post on your wedding rings made me look at this post. I would just like to say that your wedding was beautiful. I love the way it reflected your unique taste. Job well done!

  48. Elana Schlenger

    Took me time to read all of the comments, however I actually loved the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am positive to all the commenters right here! It’s always good when you can’t solely be informed, but in addition entertained! I’m positive you had fun penning this article.

  49. kevin walker

    Have your cake and eat it kind of a dillema. What should today’s grooms do? Have a greatwedding or save for a house? I would take the second any day

  50. marianne

    Hi, I came across your site just browsing around the internet, preparing for my wedding as well and just scopin’ for some inspiration. I loved your wedding (just looking at the pictures, of course. BEAUTIFUL!) I could tell how very deeply inlove you both are with one another and that God is the center of your marriage. I cried when I read about the ceremony. I hope and pray that my wedding will not only be an opportunity to bring others to Christ but to glorify Him as well, like yours did :) God bless you both and thank you for sharing!!!

  51. sarah danaher

    not sure how I stumbled upon this post, but I LOVE IT, and I love y’all, and I love how much you love Jesus, and I love how your wedding reflected that love. so grateful for the way you & Brian live your lives out for the sake of our God. much love and cheers, friend. xoxo