Sometimes you just want to collaborate with your friends. Do YOU? I do. So we did. We wanted to have fun, collaborate, throw around some cool ideas, think freely, inspire each other, have a really amazing weekend, and create something awesome for someone…. or for 10 someones! So, my friend Nathan Braceros and I collaborated on a website design that will only be available for 10 people to purchase through my company called SiteHouse.

I started this company to offer really cool websites where people can buy them and make them their own. I am a lover of originality, so the idea of selling “templates” wasn’t really an idea I was into until I explored the possibility of this concept. I then realized that I could make it what I wanted. I could make it cool, exclusive, and completely customizable enabling people to create a unique custom site for themselves starting with my design as the foundation. Basically, I wanted to create something that I would want to buy. That all became possible with Showit’s drag and drop website creating software. No coding necessary. It’s drag and drop. It’s like Photoshop that codes itself, and that gets me really excited because there is truly nothing like it out there. It’s  something that I can get behind, promote, celebrate, and be a part of.

If you asked any business man in the world he would probably say that our collaboration effort was not a “smart” business move because only 10 of these designs are available for purchase. Wen they are gone, they are GONE!!! DONE! Never to make a penny again.

The reason we did this was because of YOU! I’ll explain why:
1. We value uniqueness. We created an exclusive option for a select few that didn’t want a standard “template” offered by other cookie cutter companies, and didn’t want a completely custom website either. Only offering 10 sites guarantees that the chances are very slim that anyone would have a design that looks like yours. Plus with the ability to completely customize the design, that drops your chances to zero of having a site that looks like anyone else. The power is in YOUR hands to make it want you want.
2. We felt that two designer heads were better than one – two professional designers getting together, throwing around ideas and executing the best possible options. We were refreshed, energized and our inspiration endorphins were at their best to say the least. hahaa. Okay that sounds weird. But getting to collaborate with your friends and getting refreshed and inspired is a COMPLETELY different type of paycheck in the end. That’s the type of paycheck that I want more of.

All of that being said, I am really excited that we took this chance and stepped out on the limb to try something new and differen that ultimately benefits EVERYONE in the end! I LOVE helping creative businesses, and if this is the small role I can play I AM STOKED to be able to do it!


Above are a few screenshots from the design. It has a classic rock and roll feel to it. It’s typography based making the site complete with visually pleasing photo galleries paired with sleek bold typography. The design has room for so much personality to be displayed! Talk about making it your own!? I can’t wait to see what people do with the room for descriptions, intros, and extended about sections. My favorite feature of this site is the four different gallery options. Everyone likes their images displayed just the way they like them, and this design let’s you choose and enable the one that you are most drawn to. I think that’s a really powerful feature – one not to miss. You can view more of the details on the website. Also, Check out the matching Client Site that comes with the design.

The photos that were used in the site are by the beautiful and talented Andria Lindquist!  The RAD video was by Jason Smart.

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