Jenni asked:”I’m not good at blogging but I’ve been told that it’s the thing to do to in order to be successful. Do you think it’s necessary?”

It’s ironic that I am answering this question on a blog, right? Haha. A lot of people have different opinions on this and I would love to hear those in the comment section. To properly address your question we would need to define what “success” is for you. But since we do not have that information right now I can just tell you my personal thoughts, experience, observation and research about blogging and social media. I don’t claim to be a social media guru by any means. But I am willing to share my thoughts and perhaps this will start a great conversation where we can all learn something new.

I DO NOT think blogging (as we know it) is crucial to your business success. But the sharing of information? I think it’s very important. I can’t say that blogging didn’t help my career. It did. In a major way. Almost five years ago when I started my first blog not many people were blogging so naturally my content, voice, and approach stood out. Fast forward few years and I might think twice about starting a blog. In some ways our industry’s expectations for “blogging” has become too high, time consuming, and intense to keep up with on a regular basis! I threw out this topic for discussion on my Twitter and Facebook page a few months ago and based on the response from my small network that idea seemed to ring true. Perhaps that’s why Jenni doesn’t like blogging. heh. Posting content to a specific url isn’t right for everyone and it doesn’t automatically lead to a successful business. The principles behind blogging however, such as sharing information, curating content, and engaging with the community can boost business success.

It’s VERY important to be engaging in some way online with your customers, clients, and community. Word of mouth is still one of the biggest and best marketing tools and social media brings that to LIFE online. People want to connect with a person not a “company” and social media makes that possible. Tips, tricks, how-tos, behind the scenes, Q&As, and innovative contests and ideas connect with your customers, help them, and keep them wanting more. You are building a trusted relationship. I think a lot of people understand the value of sharing and engaging online but I don’t think you need a “blog” to do it.

To get down to the basics…Blogging is just sharing information with other people. Whether it’s inspiration, photographs, documents, articles, etc. Blogging is sharing. And I believe that sharing is changing. People want to share still….and MORE often than ever before… but they don’t want to spend their whole day doing it. From my observation people want sharing to be a part of their everyday life. And in order for sharing to be a part of their everyday life it needs to be fast, simple, and easy.

For the majority of people, “blogging” has morphed into micro-blogging, which is a more casual/simpler way of sharing information via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. We share simple bits of information everyday in the form of short sentences, individual images, video links, etc. Moving forward I believe people and companies want to share this information in a place that people already are via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like! It’s hard to move a viewer from one site to another so it seems as though people are enjoying posting directly to the platforms that everyone checks everyday anyway.

If you desire to produce content that is not a fit for micro-blogging such as long articles, fancy designs, or complicated information, and you don’t mind spending the time to do it, then I think you could REALLY KILL IT as a blogger. Content is king. But if you desire to simplify your life and produce mainly images and a few sentences then I would recommend utilizing the social media platforms to connect with your audience. I am excited to see people and companies expand their creativity and innovate new ways to connect using social media.

As for myself? I still enjoy posting content to this url called I do find that I update my Facebook MUCH more because it’s simpler and faster.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

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  1. Simi

    I agree with you here. Sharing information is vitally important to promoting your business and passion, and what way you choose to do that is up to you.

  2. Brittany Sweat

    Totally agree and I am like her and don’t like to blog too much or at all and i always feel like it’s such a hassle.. i’m glad you said micro blogging because i’m GOOD at that :) and i feel like people can still connect & get to know me that way too!

  3. Jonathan Malm

    I agree. You need to be sharing. But I’ve noticed the most successful people don’t just share, they give themselves away. I love what it says in Rework about teaching people everything you know.

    Common logic might say if you do that, people can copy you and you lose your competitive edge. But look at the famous chefs: Emeril, Bobby Flay…they show people how to do what they do. Does that make them any less successful? No…it actually makes them more successful.

    I think the idea is Biblical. Give away and it comes back to you even greater. That’s why I blog. :)

  4. Dana @ Minimalist Baker

    promise, love your perspective on this (and your hair).

    I’ve had two blogs in the last couple years, my most recent proving most successful. I agree that blogging is essentially sharing, and sharing is crucial to growing a business online. However, I think that another valid point to make is that the content has to be phenomenal or other people won’t find it worth sharing.

    If your content is only so-so, no matter how much you promote it on twitter and facebook and your blog, other people won’t think it’s interesting and they won’t share it.

    In short, some businesses do need a blog, others don’t. But whether you do or you don’tb log, be sure that the content you’re creating, the ideas your sharing, the product you’re producing is worth sharing. Else, it won’t go far at all.

  5. MixedMolly

    I use my blog to share my images and write quirky things about me, my family or my life. I do it for fun, and to connect with other blogger’s. My facebook page is by far my most effective way of connecting with my friends and family and their friends and family.

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  8. Ana

    I’m caught somewhere between micro-blogging and regular blogging – I’d love to say more but I need more time and better English.

  9. Angel Pope

    Facebook is definitely fast and easy, but what draws people to it in crazy numbers? I think it’s that personal connection. I’m a photographer and while I have a few fans who follow my fan page 100%, I find that most people connect and interact more when I post things like “yay, me, for washing the same load of laundry for the 4th time because I keep forgetting to put it in the dryer”. You are so right that people just want that personal connection rather than connecting with a business. That being said, there are some blogs that I look to simply because the writing intrigues me. J* is always a massive example. Her blog rocks because she always showcases at least one image but what makes it awesome is that her posts are always very REAL. So I think if you are going to blog you will go farther by just keeping it real and laying it out there for the world to see. Lots of times I think people connect with my failures and embarrassments much more than my photography or random thoughts. :-) Sorry, I rambled. :-)

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  11. Bethany

    I love audio/visual communication, it’s why I fell in love with music and design and love to practice it. I have to force myself to practice verbal/written communication a TON. It helps me feel more confident and clears my mind. It reminds me of my purpose and message as an artist and human being.

    For me a blog post DRAFT has become a great tool for me to practice articulating, sorting, and editing my thoughts. I have TONS of drafts and even if they never get posted mean a great deal to me. Those drafts might be articulated in another form in the future :)

    Speaking of.. I got to see you speak at Circles Conference! You did such a great job. I suppose every field has competitive aspects to it. However, being in the creative field it is what sticks out and effects me. I had one professor though that would sort projects from “best to worst” and would grade the “best” as 98% and go down from there. My sister had a professor that told her during a critique in front of the class that she would have done better on her project if she had gotten drunk first. (She scraped the entire project and re-did the whole thing with her left foot…and the professor loved it.) I think stuff like that kinda sticks with us as “this is how it’s suppose to be.” It isn’t. You can be kind. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others. (Even though EVERYONE else will.) I like the idea of being an open handed artist…giving and receiving. It’s a lot easier said and wished for than done though. Anyways, I didn’t get to say hi during the event but I did want to let you know– I loved your slides, topic, and heart! Thanks for sharing so openly! :)

  12. Jesi

    THANK YOU for writing this! I just gave myself permission to let it go. I have been feeling guilty since I stopped blogging several months ago. I was finding myself so strapped for time and searching for ways to spend more time with my kids and looking for what I could give up. Knowing that I regularly updated Facebook, I just didn’t see the point in continuing to blog any longer. I am not a writer, I’m an artist. So sitting down and forcing myself to write something cleaver and witty for each client was way out of my range. Yay for Micro-blogging, it’s just my style!

  13. Cynthia

    loved hearing you speak at the ID2012 workshop today…thank you!

  14. AnneMarie

    I like the idea of a blog in that people get to let their styles shine through the photos they post and the things they write. I love your blog!

  15. DesArtsUK

    I agree with you. I would add that the form of blogging would depend of what one tries to achieve. We can share information for social, professional, etc. reasons. In the end one form of communication will be more successful than another form of communication depending of what one tries to achieve.

  16. Mike Martinez

    If you are looking to develop a following, or build an income, I believe blogging is a MUST. If done correctly, and by that I mean, identifying your target market and their problems, then using your blog to provide solutions. Eventually you will be branding yourself as an expert and leader in your particular subject. Blogging correctly leads to success.


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