This man makes my world go round…. literally. I love him to pieces, more than he can ever know. This past year it has been so fun and exciting to see him run towards his dreams and goals in life. Brian is so talented, full of love, passion, and has a HUGE heart for people. I am extremely thankful for his guidance, his love and support in my life.

And I am so ecstatic that I can stand next to him and encourage his dreams and push him forward. These last few months Brian has been hard at work to create an artistic worship album that connects us to God on a deeper level. Brian partnered with a great friend and UBER talented musician T.J. Hill to craft a really unique sound, deep lyrics, and a fresh perspective. A few of the songs are strung together with music interludes to serve as extra worship experiences. The way i worded that made it sound weird… But its AWESOME!!!

The title is called Grace Ocean… so we wanted the look to have blue overtones, and a foggy ocean vibe without coming across to cheesy. It was fun to actually create something together. When the boxes came in the mail the other day, Brian looked at me and said “WE MADE A CD TOGETHER”. hahah it was such a cool moment to realize we are REALLY partnering in life.


GO get the pre-release hard copy and immediate 3 song dowload here:
and Check out our friend Bianca’s review and give away on her blog today. Also, listen to a sample song from the album below.

Check out a message from his cute face below:

(psst…. Bri is an indie artist… so if you fall in LOVE with this album tweet about it and go crazy about it… especially on January 4th 2011, the official date of release, where he could possibly make it on the itunes christian music charts. THAT would be cool)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! And Hope you like the design

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