The house was decked with gold streamers, colorful confetti, beards, great friends, and GOOD food. I was pretty nervous considering I am not Susie Homemaker and I consider myself a terrible host. But with some help of some great friends I pulled off a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband Brian. I can’t believe he’s 30. He had NO idea and I was completely surprised that he was surprised. haha. I am very thankful that he was traveling in the beginning of November so I was able to sneak a few trips and planning dates in when he was gone. His parents came out to visit us and I told Brian that I was helping my assistent, Alex, get her house ready for her “open House” on saturday. His parents said they wanted to see her home and meet Alex too. So they brought him at 7:30pm. Little did he know that it was his surprise party. And SURPRISE!!! Check out the video above of the surprise moment. It was pretty epic.

The night featured a house concert by the talented friend Molly Jenson, as well as a gold shimmery photo booth, friends wearing their most creative beards, food catered from our favorite Pita Jungle, and THE BEST… I MEAN THE BEST ice-cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery. They even had chocolate edible cupcake “wrappers”. SOOO amazing.

I am so proud of my husband Brian. He has completely changed my life and I am so very thankful for him. He has such a positive outlook on life. and he is EXCITED to get older. haha. I feel very thankful to be married to someone that I desire to become like. He wrote a Facebook note on his thoughts on turning 30. Check it out HERE.

A big thank you to to Session nine photography for the amazing photos of our party.

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