I am super excited to share a project that has been in the works for a while now. Char Newswanger is an amazing lifestyle photographer fashionably capturing senior portraits and weddings. As soon as I read up on Char, saw her inspiration, descriptions, loves, and I did a little researched of my own… I FELL IN LOVE. It is an overwhelmingly joyful flying feeling when I get to work with clients that INSPIRE ME!! wow. that was the case with Char. I totally connected to her unique sense of style, passion, and excitement for life. Char is a gal that does things well and loves well. and I am extremely grateful that i got the chance to work with such a wonderful inspiring person.

Char came to me with a really unique situation… She valued a website presence OVER a logo. So she proposed designing the look and feel of the site first and foremost… and if a logo came out of the project as well… then COOL! I was up for the challenge of working backwards. And I actually loved it. I feel that one of my strengths is capturing the essence of somebody and thats what I focused on.

Char’s branding package consisted of:
1. logo and kit of parts (colors, textures, fonts)
2. Website Design and implementation into showit
3. Blog header

When Char came to me she had established her photography business as Authentic You Photography, but throughout the creative process all parties decided that her name was REALLY cool and unique and it would be a great way to differentiate her business as “Char”. Her name is short and powerful, making a bold statement. The logo and name is accompanied by “Photography and you”.

Char is married and has three boys, she loves all things J.Crew, her favorite colors are neutrals, she loves faded jeans for fashion comfort, and rich texture. Char loves to laugh and the simple pleasures of coffee and small dinner dates with close girlfriends. So, we wanted to make sure that her website reflected all of these things, and made the experience really friendly and welcoming.

In our research process she communicated that she wanted “rich color, warmth, organic, an edge, high fashion, slightly whimsical, simple but with fun detail”.

We started with concept boards sending a few back and forth to each other. She first sent me one… and then i sent her one back with completely different images conveying the same VIBE that she was aiming towards. She edited a little telling me what she liked and what she didn’t like about the board and overall feel. Some of that is displayed below. The last board is one that char put together on her own. She talented, huh? I’m thinking I should hire her. haha. jk.

After the website was in the editing and revising stage I presented a few logos that i thought would look great with the look we came up with for her.

We chose a chalkboard as her main texture for her branding. It has a whimsical creative “back to school” feel. We didn’t over-do the look with a lot of chalk marks etc because we wanted to maintain a mature artistic vibe.

We used the chalkboard background again incorporating plenty of gray, and gave her a spot to welcome everyone right off the bat. The three icons on the right-hand site point people directly to ways they can really connect with Char and feel comfortable. In her About page you can even see a photo gallery of Char and her family and check out her “Loves” or favorite things.

Considering Char mainly photographs weddings, engagements, and senior portraits (which have completely different vibes) we created a way for the top image to change depending on which page you’re on. Seniors have really bold and fun stripes, whereas weddings and engagements have muted, earthy colors shown in an antique map. Char can easily change the header textures as the seasons change or if she ever wants to freshen up her look in the coming years. We also made those flowers and leaves interchangeable…. so she can change the elements as her brand prgresses in the future as well.

Each photography section incorporates horizontal sliding photo galleries, a pricing page and a raves page. We kept the contact page very simple, easy to navigate.

I created a blog header for her to use… and sent her the graphics I used for the website and she put them all to use customizing her blog. The blog couldn’t go with the site any better. It looks fantastic.

CONGRATS on an amazingly unique website we created together, Char… and I hope this new internet home will treat you well this upcoming year. I am SUPER stoked for you and your business and I can’t wait to see where God takes you in this next season. WOOOHOO!!!

If you like her new site leave a comment here or over on the “comment” tab of her new website. Also… Check out her blog post about the website and the process of working with me.

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