Clean House, check, new work station table from Cb2, check! NOW BACK TO WORK!! I am running hard on some deadlines at the moment. Really great clients doing really amazing things. I’ve got a custom blog design, a branding and website project, and a presentation to bust out, a pup that just got neutered, and some guests coming into town this weekend! AHH!! Wish me luck! It’s going to be a busy! But good! What do you have going on?

Ahh love this new workstation desk. Its got a bright color and WHEELS! hot hot hot!!

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  1. Mailinh

    Sending you lots of happy vibes & energy to keep you going! I’m sorta in the same boat: need to tweak three syllabi for three different classes (I start a new semester Monday), prep for the first day of classes, get ready for a photo shoot Sunday morning, and sending out a lot of e-mails to colleagues.

    P.S. I love your new table! It’s so fun! The color of your chalkboard wall and table reminds me of your colors of your blog header and site. ;)

  2. Jarka H.

    I would choose different color but it still looks great. Love the minimalistic design.

  3. Patricia

    That is SO YOU Promise. I love it!

  4. rin handika

    waaaw cool blog :D i love it! and i love your table, yellow :) Cute!

  5. krystal/village

    I’m really enjoying your blog…this table is right up my alley!