Hey!!! Bethany Olson here again to share with you one my favorite trends of the season! COLLARS COLLARS COLLARS!!! This week my pick is cool collared shirts! I love that this trend has become so popular! You can wear a collared shirt with basically anything and any occasion. It really adds a lot of detail and charm to an outfit. The one below in the photo is from Threadsence, and it’s only $36! I love that the shirt also has a zipper that runs down the back.

Below are LOTS of more options I came across for $50 or less! AHHH!!! They’re so fun, I want to buy them all. Forever21 Embellished Collar Top, Threadsense Neon Studded Collar Blouse, ASOS Blouse With Double Collar, ASOS Shirt With Contrast Printed Collar. Also, if you don’t want to rock a cool collared shirt, there is another option of buying a necklace that looks like a collar! What a cool fashion trick! Check out Forever21 Rhinestoned Peter Pan Collar Necklace, Threadsence Feel Good Collar Necklace, ASOS Limited Edition Crochet Collar Necklace, and Urban Outfitters Pearl Collar Necklace.

Check out the trend from last week!

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  1. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    i love this Bethany!! I am thinking a DIY collar necklace needs to be on the TODO list. :)

  2. gretchen

    It screams DIY to me – pick up a thrifted blouse, cut off the collar-hem the raw edges or use a fray-check. Then hit your craft store for a metal square (they have them there for stamping), cut it to size, punch some holes, file it smooth and stitch on the collar points!

  3. adriana morales

    Love the printed collar!

    Xo follow me back if u like!

  4. Corinne

    Oooh yes I’m loving statement collars at the moment! My couple of latest shirt purchases have had contrast collars, but I’d love to find some nice detachable ones :)

    Life etc

  5. madeline

    your blog is so wonderful! i love the layout. this bit on collars is too fun!

  6. ula

    I am really into collars at the moment… I espeically love the ones with embellishments