And we’re back!…I’m really excited to share our latest Showit flash website design project for Holly Hoyt Photography. Holly is a SUPER cool gal from Houston, Texas, and an ideal client for Promise Tangeman Creative (PTC) because she wanted something VERY different from common photography websites, and we LOVE a good challenge and thinking outside the box.

Holly has a HUGE love for typography, and she really wanted her clients to see her personality RIGHT off the bat. So, instead of focusing on the pictures for the home page, we created a FUN, whimsy and modern home page incorporating her fantastic branding that she had prior to working with us, typography,  her personality and CLEAR call to actions (points of action that you want the viewer to take) to her contact, information and guest book pages.

Every design project we have our clients put together an inspiration board. Holly knocked it out of the park. Not only did she make sure to incorporate a variety of inspiration (furniture, photography, textures, typography, etc.), but she explained WHY she included each item on her board! This is an excellent way to communicate with your designer! Board below by Dossiea.

For every inspiration board we receive from our clients, we send an “echo board” right back! We incorporated some images from her board, some similar items that we found AND some photos of her actual photography studio. I’m telling you guys, this girl has GREAT style!

VOILA!…A friendly, contemporary site that expresses Holly’s personality and is unique to her competitors. We can’t tell you HOW much we’re in love with the result.

We made her about page very welcoming, and left plenty of space for Holly to share about herself. You’ll notice there isn’t a typical navigation bar at the top of the site, and instead a prominent link back to the home page. This is because she has very unique web navigation on the home page, and in this case we felt that adding more elements would take away from the conversation between Holly and her potential clients. I suppose you could say we broke the rules with this one, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken, no?

Holly had a lot of information she want to share with her potential clients, so we made sure the layout was conducive to that.

Holly wanted her photo gallery to have a large space for the images to shine.  You’ll notice though that she doesn’t have three or four different galleries for her different photography subjects. Instead, Holly opted for a gallery that showcases her current featured wedding. This is different and cool approach because a lot of times we see photo galleries with “image fillers” rather than a gallery where EVERY image matters. Cool idea.

Her contact page is definitely a favorite of ours because she doesn’t just ask for the general information such as email address and phone number, this contact page takes the time to ask her potential clients what their expectations are and find out where her referrals are coming from. Brilliant!

Check out the client site we made for her as well. This is just our comp of it. We love how it matches her site design and branding identity.

The best part of it all is that Holly has become a friend of ours, and we hope to meet up in Houston sometime!

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  1. Julia Manchik

    Promise, you are SO good at what you do. This is really useful for designers to see how to get on the same page style-wise with clients.

  2. Lesley

    look awesome, great job, and her work suits it perfectly! :)

  3. jessica

    Beautiful work, Promise, it looks great! I love that you broke the rules with no navigation bar. it does really work well with that site.

  4. courtney jade

    you are seriously phoenomenal!!! I adore this site, and all of your work. Someday, I hope to be able to work with you!! :)

  5. //Dani

    Promise, this is just AWESOME. love it. the colours, the typo, the ideas. want that too.

  6. Annie

    Rules are definitely meant to be broken when they result in this! Love it! :)

  7. Lydia

    Promise, you always do such an amazing job at thinking outside of the box and coming up with something that is perfect!

  8. Mailinh

    As always…AWESOME! :)

  9. Char

    Gorgeous!!! You are always so right on! Love.

  10. Brittany

    Promise, you inspire me! I love this site, thanks for sharing and inspiring us with your incredible talent! <3


  11. Anastasia

    Oh man.. I *love* the site! It’s seriously gorgeous and so unique. Great job!

  12. Allison

    Wow, Promise! This is gorgeous!!! LOVE!

  13. Emma Gay

    Amazing, as always Promise. I am so taken by your vision. You are blessed with such an amazing talent. Keep up with the AWESOME work.

  14. kari

    Promise…. Please consider doing a weekend showing a design from beginning to end using InDesign… YOU’D BE MY HERO!!!

    From one beautiful soul to another…. Keep up what you’re doing… you’re fabulous at it!!

  15. Holly Hoyt

    You ROCK. I want to hire you. Oh wait, I already did! Haha. And you killed it. I love my new site and get so many raves about it. Thank you for a great design experience and translating images and words into a very fabulous brand. LOVE.

  16. Imelda

    I know Holly personally and this site captures her spirit beautifully! I loved it the minute I saw it and wanted to see every aspect of it. It invites you to go deeper. Holly and this design are amazing!! Great Job. Nice to hear the story behind the design.

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