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Designer VACA blew me away this year! As I reflect on the weekend I am thankful that I got to be around such inspiring graphic design gals this past weekend. I learned so much from everyone!  They were all encouraging of each other, humble, inviting, down to earth, and all seemed very interested in each other. It felt GOOD. Personally, I came away really inspired to collaborate more. And I came away with some new dreams for my company SiteHouse that were very much inspired by my conversations at Designer VACA this past weekend. The ladies there helped me see differently. Overall I feel very thankful and energized! Some reoccurring themes that surfaced this weekend were: we need to slow down, none of us know what we’re doing, the art of the creative process, leading the client, having confidence, not comparing yourself, creating a schedule for yourself and sticking with it, and focusing on what’s most important.


As a little bit of background on the event…we sent the invitation out by email and asked everyone to invite their graphic design girlfriends.  We also invited this email list (hop on if you want to come next year). When the event was approaching I was overwhelmed (to be honest) because we have no idea what we’re doing… we are not professional event planners. But more importantly I was excited about the energy, potential conversations, relationships, and new friends that would form. With the help of Alyssa, and my creative manager Ash, LizEvaMegan, and Kathleen, the details came together with a few organized Q&A panels, a meet and greet toast, 2 community dinners together, and a collaborative creative challenge (that we’re still waiting to see the results on, heh). View all the instagram photos here: #designervaca.


Here is a little snap shot of the schedule:


7PM – Meet and Greet. Taco bar. A group toast to jump start the weekend.


10AM – Two Q&A sessions with panelists and specific topics
1PM – Lunch and pool time with our new friends
4PM – Two Q&A sessions with panelists and specific topics
7PM – Group photo
8PM – Community Dinner at a local restaurant discussing challenges, future dreams, and goals with our tables. This dinner was a really special for me. I got to hear the journey and stories of a lot of different girls. It was truly inspiring to hear their transparency and vulnerability.


10AM – Two Q&A session with panelists and specific topics
12PM – Good byes


If you are a graphic designer gal and would like to come next year please hop on the email list and we will email you when registration opens. We totally welcome new voices to the table and would LOVE to have you! and we are excited about the future possibility of Designer Vaca! Thanks for reading.

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