I love getting back to my painting roots. I first fell in love with art (drawing and painting) before I ever started into Graphic Design. In fact, in College I double majored in Graphic Design and Fine Art. So painting has always been really close to my heart. And I love it when I get the time to create new work. I want to share with you a really easy technique that I think you will really love to try as well.

I absolutely love the simple yet dynamic effect of this art piece. It is sooo easy. It literally took me only a few minutes to complete from start to finish. I used images from magazines but i think it would be AWESOME if you were a photographer and used this technique to display hints of your photos in your office or studio. I think that would be a KILLER and unique way to showcase your work…. Without being to cheesy…. ya know? Or it would be a really artsy way to use your family photos as well. I don’t really have pictures of me and Brian around the house… So might consider doing something like this with our photos. Without blabbing on, below is the HOW-TO.


I went rummaging through a magazine looking for black and white photos. I chose black and white images because I wanted very minimal color… and black and white is really classy. I decided how big I wanted the triangles (11inx5in) compared to my canvas (16inx20in) and started to fold and tear the paper. I prefer folding and tearing the paper because I like the perfect straight line that is a little organic looking. I feel that scissors are really jaggedy. A paper cutter might work nicely. I made a note that 4 triangles covered the canvas from top to bottom, cut those out, and put them aside. I made one more triangle to use as a straight edge (you will need that soon).

pssst… If you want to use your photography I would print the photos out in black and white on regular paper using a laser printer. Make sure it’s lazer and not inkjet or else the ink might bleed everywhere.


If you are using a previously painted canvas you need to re-paint it white. I like to work with a canvas that has been previously painted or used in someway. I think it adds a lot of texture to the final product and looks very “painterly”. The canvas I am using here is 16in x20 in.


I am using Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel to “glue” the triangles to the canvas. Mixing regular glue and acrylic paint would get messy and clump together. So, I like this gel because it’s not glue, it’s acrylic paint and it will glide on and hold the images without any problems.  Apply the same gel to the top of the images as well. This creates a really tight and seamless hold.


After I attached the 4 triangles, I started to fill in other triangles with a color field. I held my extra triangle in place and used it as a straightedge to create straight lines. I used silver, teal, and white for the other triangle colors. I use liquitex Acrylic Heavy Body paint.


Be sure to paint the edges of your canvas for good craftsmanship. Finished edges always looks a like a job well done. No one wants to turn the corner and see a sloppy edge.

ALL DONE!! Go hang it on your wall. OR create a set of three of these babies and continue the pattern!! That would look SICK!!

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