SO…. My friend Alex Evjen from AVE Styles, you know…. is a fashion stylist. Check out some designs I did for her HERE. She came over to my house the other day to get somethings together to style a recent photoshoot I was in. We were going for a boho/hippy/survivor look with lots of layers and colors. She had this brilliant idea to combine my scarfs for a chunky looking neck wrap (which I think was BRILLIANT) I have worn this scarf many other times since that photoshoot. She rocks. I think this idea is awesome if you want to add a whimsical extra layer to your outfit. This is a PERFECT accessory for easing your way into the fall months. Check out how to make your own below.

1. Get 3 scarfs you like and make a knot with one of them around the others.

2. Start Braiding a simple loose braid.

3. Tie the end off with the same scarf that you knotted to begin with.

4. Wrap it around your neck or drape it over your shoulders. I think this has to be the EASIEST DIY by far.

I made another one with my more chunky scarves. I wind this one around my neck and wear it as a loose necklace. If you make one… post it with a photo here in the comment section. It’s so fun to see what other people do. EEE so excited. Photos of me by Maile Wilson.

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  1. Julie

    love this DIY!!! I am so gonna try when I get home, great idea

  2. stefanie


    xo, stefanie

  3. Kristina

    This is a very cute idea! I am going to Europe in September and may need to show this off! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. jessie

    alex! what a great idea!!!! trying it… TODAY!

  5. Bethany Olson

    Wow this is so cute! I’m going to try and make one. :)

  6. Melissa | Madabella

    I always love your DIY posts, Promise!!! I need some cool scarfs now…I don’t have ANY!!!

  7. Sonja

    Did this today on my lunch break ;) What a Great idea!! Love it!

    <img src="http://i45.photobucket

  8. BambiEyez

    so clever! im going to make one too, i love it

  9. seesaw designs

    i love this – going to try it this weekend with all my vintage scarves!

  10. Julie

    ps. hope you don’ t mind, I posted this on my blog, as this is such a clever and fun DIY!

  11. tiffany.

    yum! i LOVE it so much!



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