This DIY I did was featured on the lovely miss elsie’s blog a few days ago. You may have seen that there, but in case you didn’t here it is. If you LOVE thrifting, vintage, art, and home decor, I think you will LOVE this DIY!! Its a super easy and fun way to make art for your home. I love that it has a past and it is recycled. haha. I have a crush on repurposing everyday household items. Why wouldn’t I??!! They are inexpensive, usable, and right in front of your eyes. I bet you won’t even need to get into the car for this one.


1. All you need is paint, paint brushes (this is KEY. jk), and old vintage record albums. You can get some killer old albums from thrift stores for $1.
2. For this particular project I chose a color scheme beforehand, and then chose my albums and paint accordingly.


3. Take a look at each record album separately and decide which color paint would stand out best on each one. If you are unsure, pick a color that is not already on the album, that is a great start.


4. Create bold, easy to paint designs. This will ensure that the designs you paint will show up. I chose to paint simple stripes (using tape), child-like flowers, a messy line drawing of a face, and large text letters. These drawings require no skill and are just really fun. I believe the messier the paint the better. Even if you are a terrible painter these will look cool because of the nutural layering that will occur.


Here are my finished designs.


The new artwork looks amazing next to each other. I Recommend framing them all together or putting them in separate frames and hanging them next to each other on the wall.


I hope you enjoyed this easy to make home decor idea.

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