I am excited to share with you a really fun t-shirt DIY!!! I always love revamping old things… or buying an old used tee at a thrift store. I picked this one out at Goodwill for $1.99 specifically for this project. This is for the girl who likes a hippy/grunge look. I really like this piece because its great for layering. its baggy, cropped, and leaves lots of room to show off the blouse or t-short underneath. OR you can throw a baggy sweater over the top. Perfect for fall. and the best part is this project only took me 15 minutes to make. AND NO sewing is required. TO start this all you need is a t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

1. GET AN OLD T-SHIRT. I suggest a few sizes larger than you normally get. I picked this mens size Large from Goodwill.

2. CUT OFF THE NECK. I like the swoop neck for this style tee.

3. SLICE & RIP SECTIONS FROM THE BOTTOM. With your scissors cut an inch thick section…. Then rip the piece up to your belly button area (half way between the top & bottom of the tee).

4. CUT OFF THE ARMS. I think the tank look is cuter on the shoulders. and it makes it easier to layer under sweaters, jackets, and vests.

5. USE THE FABRIC FROM THE ARMS. I sliced open the arm fabric and ripped for more section pieces.

6. TIE THE ARM FABRIC SLICES ONTO SELECTED RIPPED SECTIONS ON THE TEE. I like uneven pieces of fabric hanging. and i wanted some pieces really long so i tied my extra fabric from the arms to the tee.

7. CUT OFF THE SEAM ON ALL FABRIC SECTIONS. The ends will look funny if you don’t cut off the seams at the bottom.

Your finished tee should look similar to the photo below.

8. WEAR YOUR NEW TEE WITH LAYERS. I am wearing a black tank top underneath with a sweater vest over the top. I also think a long sleeve sweater would look cute under the vest and over the new tee. There are so many ways to wear this.

BAMMMM!!! You have a new layering piece in your closet that only took 15 minutes. Gonna try it? Leave your links or photos below if you did it. I would LOOOVe to see how different and unique everyones turned out. I hope this is fun and makes your wardrobe one piece more personal. I am wearing mine right now. LOOOOVE IT!!

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