It has been soo long since I have done a Savers post. wow. Well, I have been at Savers a lot lately… So I thought I would share some of my favorite fashion finds as of lately. haah I bet some of you are going to laugh at me because I am probably breaking some kind of fashion rule with every outfit. But o well. In each picture I display one item that I found at Savers (thrift store). So, It’s not the whole outfit. haha. Although that would be AWESOME!! Maybe I will have to do that sometime soon. very fun. I listed the prices I paid in the little circle for you.

What do you think? Please link to any fun thrift store items that you have found in the last few months… I would LOVE to see. Gosh.. I would seriously LOVE to work as a hunter for fun items and then sell them in my own store somewhere. Or at least get paid to go out shopping for these things. I could do it all day and all night long.



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