Gift wrapping is an interesting design process. It’s interesting because the gift giver wants to create a special experience for their friend and although “presentation is EVERYTHING” (and I believe it is) the presentation gets shredded in a matter of minutes. It’s not left for someone to enjoy… or hang on their wall. It’s torn open and bypassed to get to the “good stuff” on the inside. Because the presentation is only temporary, I think it’s wise to make good use of your time… while also giving a heartfelt experience. Choosing a gift wrapping technique that is pretty, easy, personal, inexpensive, and quick creates the best outcome all around.

I have seen some REALLY cool DIY gift wrapping ideas floating around the web. And, as I was planning on what my gift wrap would look like this year I thought I would share some of my favorites that meet my 5 gift wrapping requirements: pretty, easy, personal, inexpensive, and quick. HAHA that makes it sound so business-y… right? haha. I lOOOVE that there are some great gift wrapping ideas for the fellas too.

Click on the images to view the source or see the DIY. I would love to see what you have found or loved this season. Think you will try any of these? I think my favorites so far is the silver pen idea and those paper flowers. SOOOO great!

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