Brian’s gray dress shirt was jumping out at me in the closet today and I couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for the long cuff sleeves. And I do have to say that I am guilty for wearing my husbands clothes from time to time. YEEKS. That is the one nice thing about having a husband that’s close to your size. And no I’m not crazy… but sometimes its just fun to wear an oversized somethin somethin… ya know?

So much fun that I am considering doing a little mini series on He wears She Wears (Fun fashion finds in my husband’s closet). The first one I did is posted HERE. I thought it would be a fun, new, and an interesting challenge. What do you vote? yay or nay? If not… it’s no biggy I have plenty of other things to post.

OKAY, Today I am wearing:
My husband’s dress shirt from H&M (I already told you that. I know, Geez. Now Im repeating myself), black jacket from Forever 21, white jeans from Jedidiah, Shoes by Jeffery Campbell from Solestruck, jewelry from Forever 21, and one of my favorite lipsticks from Mac called Vegas Volt. I LOVE IT!! As you can probably tell these braids have lasted a few days. Haha

THATS IT!!! Happy Monday!!
What is ONE thing you are looking forward to this week?
Oh and Ps. I loved that you loved the lemon water post. Did you all try it?

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