Brian & Promise Wedding Documentary Video from Chris Loope on Vimeo.

I’m super into hijacking Promise’s blog…it’s great fun and I think you all kind of like it, right?! :)

Today, I hijack this little spot on the web to express my undying love for this beautiful woman of God, Promise Tangeman-Wurzell. Two years ago today, I had the privilege of heeding to the words of Beyonce and some that she left out…I liked, I asked, I put a ring on her, she said yes, we said ‘I do’ and the journey continues! Actually, a lot more happened in between each of those steps, but, you get the point. I know we’re not quite seasoned veterans in the marriage arena, yet, at the same time this year has been an incredible year in our marriage.

Promise, you continue to teach me the depth of love. You radiate beauty from the inside out…may sound cliche…it’s actually something that is true of you though. You are the most tangible expression of Gods love for me in this life. I’ve known love before but never to the depths that you continue to display towards me. You are brilliant beyond the cells in my brain. You have a trust in our God that fuels me, encourages me and often reminds me that He really is trustworthy. Your creativity blows me away every day. Your pure passion for art, business and doing the best job you can for your clients propels me to carry the same heart in what I do. Hands down you are my best friend.

I love the way you laugh. I love how tears come to your eyes quicker than most…the gift of tears (as we call it)…which ultimately shows the deep sense of compassion you possess. I love that you like to be outside…it makes me want to be outside too (and get ‘a little color’). I love that you eat like a bird unless it’s chocolate. I love how you’ve transformed my bachelor pad and made it our house. I love traveling the country and the world with you…you make traveling fun. I love how you love your family and mine. I love your hugs, kisses and the hours we can spend talking about our lives together. I love your stunning smile, your awesome hair and your hot bod!!! :) I love that you wear my shirts and I love that you look good in a hospital gown and cap. WHO DOES THAT?! HAHA.

This year has had it’s amazing high points, a few challenges and a health situation that caused our love to grow and bond in the most profound way. I’ve never loved your more, I’ve never been more certain of it and I’ve never been so excited about my future with you than I am today. You are truly Gods greatest gift to my life. Happy 2nd Anniversary to you my love. I am all yours and I am so glad you’re mine! I am the proudest husband today!!

*The above picture is one of my favorites from our wedding day
**The wedding video was brilliantly compiled by our good friend, Christopher Loope

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  1. David Jay

    Love you guys!

  2. Mailinh

    HaPpY 2nd Anniversary!

  3. Elizabeth Dahl

    You have such an amazing wedding video! Oh, I LOVED watching it! And everything you had to say Brian was so incredibly sweet. You are obviously PeRfEcT for each other, and it does my heart good to see such love continued to be shared between husband and wife. May God bless you both!!!

  4. Stacy Kokes

    This is wonderful in every way! Happy Anniversary :)

  5. Annie

    Brian – please hijack more often! :) Happy Anniversary to you both, thanks for the inspiration, creativity and love that you both share.

  6. Jaclyn

    This. Is. Amazing.

    Thank you for sharing a bit into your lives and your amazing love for such an amazing woman.

    Merci beaucoup!

  7. Renee

    Aww this is so great!!

  8. Heather

    Happy Anniversary Brian and Promise! Your video brought tears to my eyes! It is beautiful to see God’s love and faithfulness in your lives. Love and blessings to you!

  9. Char

    Just LOVE you guys!!!

  10. Chris Loope

    Brian you are a killer example to us guys! Love you both and stoked to see you guys still nuts about each other! You guys have accomplished so much together! Prom is rocking sites and “Grace Ocean”?! Easy bro… keep inspiring each other.

  11. Sam Allen

    Wow, I have been following your blog for over a year now and I smiled through that whole video like I’ve known you for years and years and was rejoicing over your love for each other. The sweetest speeches were said, like your dad’s?! Wow, amazing! Congrats on the first two years!!

    P.S. I met my hubby on myspace too!

  12. Michelle Feeney

    Soo sweet. The happiest of anniversaries! Much love.

  13. Brooke Boling

    That just made my day watching your video. Amazing and congrats to you and Brian. ;)

  14. sarah burgos

    this was beautiful, & with the letter brought me to tears. makes me wanna be a better wife. you go you two!! :) God bless you & your marriage. may it ever grow stronger each day.

  15. Sara

    Pretty much the coolest and cutest wedding video EVER! You guys are an awesome couple. Can’t wait to meet you at Pass Premier Denver :)

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  17. Sabrina

    Just seeing all of this makes me happy… I’ve been following your blog for some time and I’m getting married this year and just seeing how brought u both together is a big time. And it’s amazing how God does things. :-)