Promise Tangeman-Wurzell, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU! I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be able to call you my wife. This day, 3 years ago, marked the beginning of the best decision I have ever made in my life…marrying you! One of my great joys in being married to you is HIJACKING your blog to tell the world how much I love you (I even tried to resize the pictures to get the sizes right…how’d I do? haha.)!

I remember on this day, 3 years ago, feeling an overwhelming and indescribable joy as I got ready to watch you walk down the aisle so we could make this thing official. It was the perfect setting with all of our family, friends and loved ones. I remember arriving to the University of Redlands anticipating seeing you for the very first time…and WOW did you look good. Like…WOW!!!!! The picture below is right before you tapped me on my shoulder so that I could see you in all of your wedding day beauty…I think my heart must have been ready to explode in nervous excitement.

I remember you tapping my shoulder, turning around and being overtaken by the fullness of your beauty! Do you remember? And then I cried (and I still cry when I think about it)…I cried because I could not believe you chose me and that God had led us to be together. I cried because the beauty you possess is one that encompasses the fullness of who you are and as much as your striking beauty on the outside is obvious, so it is with the WHOLE of who you are. I cried because I knew that I was marrying a women that wanted to follow Jesus with me however that looked. I cried because I knew that you really, truly loved me for being uniquely me…just as I am…no strings attached. I cried because WE WERE BECOMING ONE and that’s worth crying about when you really think about it!!

Promise, you are the joy of my life. There is such a thing as unforeseen gifts and I have to say that being able to call you my wife is the pinnacle of those kinds of gifts for me. You are grace displayed to me in human flesh, every day.

I want the world to know how much I LOVE YOU! I want EVERYONE that I know and everyone that you know to know that I AM YOUR HUSBAND and that YOU CHOSE ME (somehow you got the short end of the deal here!). :)

Anytime I get the chance to talk about you, I just smile. I smile because I know that we get to spend the rest of our lives together enjoying all that God is leading us into! What a ride…thank you, Lord!

So here’s to 3 years & to many many more! Promise, I love you with all of my heart & you have me completely! Thanks for loving me so well and for being the best wife I could have ever been given. You are truly gift! Smile today…you are loved!!! Happy 3rd Anniversary, Lover!

I leave you with OUR song and the soundtrack to our first dance 3 years ago! The words are still true of what I want to say to you 3 years later! I LOVE YOU and ‘Let’s Stay Together’ in all that we do!!!!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

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