I am soo excited to finally show you this. I have been working on it the last few weeks… and it has been soo easy and fun. Luckily there wasnt too much work that needed to be done on it. It was already in great shape. Haha I think a lot of you will disagree with the decisions that I made. But I think the final product is REALLY fun. The best part is.. I can change it up later if I want a different look. I first want to say though that I am no expert at this and by sharing this with you does not mean that I think I am. hahha. I just love creating stuff. I actually didn’t know AT ALL what I was doing. I was just doing it.

If you have been following me on twitter through this project you would probably already know that I found this china cabinet at Savers (thirft store) for only $80. It was originally $150. I saw it, I loved it, so I talked about it for a few days, and even called everyday to make sure it was still there. Haha. Brian and I rented a trailer thing in order to go get it. It was a sign that it was suppose to be ours because it hadn’t gone anywhere for a week.

I told Brian that I had $80 cash and I was going to see if they would take it for that. When we got up to the counter I told the manager that it had been there for a week and asked if he could give me deal for it. he said “hmm…. how about $79? WHAT??!?! brian and I smiled at each other and i said “I”LL TAKE IT!” hahaha. ANOTHER sign, right?


Below is my process. The china cabinet was missing the glass shelves as well as the glass in the front doors. That actually worked in my favor because i did not want the glass shelves OR the glass in the doors. After i cleaned that thing like no other i painted the trim gray with white accents. I wasn’t to concerned about staying within the lines because I sand papered the paint off a little to create a rustic//used look.

I wanted a pattern in the back of the cabinet so I taped it up and painted gray stripes to match the trim. One side has vertical stripes and the other has horizontal stripes. It was SUPER easy and mess free.


Anthropologie is famous for their pretty handles. I am a thrifty/cheap girl so I went straight for the sale section. It was a small selection but I didn’t really care what they looked like or even if they went, because I thought of that as part of the hodge podge “thrown together” look I was going for. They were MORE than half off at $2.69 each. YAY!


I took measuremets for the shelves and went down to home depot and had them cut the wood for me. I didn’t paint or finish the shelves. They are just plain wood… with holes, cracks, and blemishes.


This is my horse statue that I found at a hole-in-the-wall thrift stop with my mother-in-law during our thanksgiving trip. The girl saw me debating to get it and she kept offering a lowering the price. Poor horse. I finally felt bad for the horse so i bought it at $4. We went over to a supply shop and bought bright pink paint. He feels a lot better with a new wardrobe. haha. Here’s the before and after. His makeover is pretty right?


I think these items in the cabinet might be temporary. I just found them around the house. kinda fun. I will enjoy the storage at the bottom of the china cabinet. Sorry moms.. There will probably be no china in this china cabinet.


Thoughts? You like it? I would love to hear your reaction…. even if you don’t like it. hah. It was really fun. and a great first home project for me.

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