Remember when people used to use their blog as a way a journaling their thoughts? Some still do and I really admire that. I am hoping that I can release some thoughts through this post. Sometimes communicating and just putting it out there helps you feel better…At least it does for me now and then.

I woke up today feeling quite overwhelmed. A great way to start the week, eh? I am sure you are familiar with that “where do I EVEN start?” feeling. I want to be completely transparent and say that I overcommitted myself. Have you done that recently? I committed to completing 3 custom website design projects, preparing for a speaking engagement, holding a workshop, on-boarding 2 new employees/partners (which I’m stoked out of my mind about), and concepting a new idea for our church’s Women’s Ministry all by the end of October! Praying that I can prioritize appropriately and get it all done. So, I ask you…what is your advice for when you’re feeling overwhelmed? How do you manage?

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