YOU GUYS!!!! WE ARE OFFICIALLY ON THE ROAD on the PASS PREMIER TOUR!!!! We are having an amazing time so far and have lots more coming in the weeks ahead. For now we’re trying to adjust to life on a bus, a really nice one might I add, but, with 9 people… It’s like life in an above ground submarine.

I am also REALLY excited to be officially releasing the Creative Branding E-Course that I have been working on. It’s my way of sharing some of my design/client process with the masses. It also includes a section on ‘tips/tricks’ for Showiteers…which is the web platform that all of my Sitehouse Designs are built in. It is currently only available EXCLUSIVELY for Pass Premier Tour peeps when we arrive in your city and we’ll do a full public launch on it later this Summer, post-tour.

It’s been another little labor of love and I’m hoping that it will be a helpful resource for businesses/creative people who are trying to get to the essence of their brand and identity. I’d love to meet you while we’re out on the road. Grab a ticket to one of the shows soon…we are selling out in a lot of the cities…so don’t wait. Here’s the link:

Stoked to get this resource out to the rest of you SOON SOON SOON!!!! CHECK out a description of the course in the graphic below. More photos and videos of the tour coming soon.

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