Hey guys!! I am really excited to let you know that I will be speaking on the Showit national tour in a couple of weeks. ShowIt has asked me to share some branding and marketing strategies for growing your creative photography business. How fun is that? I am seriously stoked to be there to talk about what I am really passionate about. I am a little nervous but I am more excited about talking, connecting, dreaming, and exploring with all of you guys. This will be really fun!! Plus my husband Brian gets to go with me and he is BEYOND STOKED!! He said “I can’t believe my wife is the one taking me on my first bus tour”. hhaha. That’s awesome. And I am so excited that the UBER TALENTED and great friend Molly Jenson will be touring with us as well. She is going to BRING IT!! If you don’t know Molly…get to know her. You might recognize her stellar voice as she’s the featured vocalist on almost all of Jon Foreman‘s (switchfoot) solo EP’s. She’s a legend.

9 Different Cities // 9 Different Speakers. The Freedom Tour is coming to you! SHOWIT’s Freedom Tour 2010 is your opportunity to hear from industry leaders in 4 jam packed hours of education and inspiration covering topics from photography, fusion, marketing, branding, and web presence; all focused around freeing your business to grow. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and network with your local Showit family and The Crew.

Freedom Speakers – Hear from 3 industry leaders on topics all focusing on freeing your business to grow – Jessica Claire, Jasmine Star, Bob Davis, The Grays, Promise Tangeman, Rudy Arpia, Ron Dawson, The Boudoir Divas, Gabriel Ryan and some very special guests! Speakers will rotate as Showit goes to different cities. When you purchase a ticket to Freedom Tour 2010 recordings of all speakers will be available for download.

Showit LIVE! – Each city’s event will begin with one-on-one training from a Support Stud. If you are not a Showit subscriber you can come to Showit LIVE to find our more about Showit.

My part specifically will be an interactive conversation about identifying who you are, how to go about the creative process and brainstorming, and then how to make it come to life. We have all sat and listened to the really inspiring speakers talk about the importance of having a strong clear brand, being yourself, and being unique. BUT HOW THE HECK does that translate to a visual design?!?! The session will be the practical application and implementation of how to do just that. We will be looking at branding examples, critiquing, and talking about (but not limited to) the following 3 points.

1. Define the vibe. Find and develop the visual look and feel of YOUR brand.
2. Rebrand vs. Brand Adjustment?!? Should I? why? when? And how to.
3. Implement your current branding into a showit site. Learn how to get the best results and not be overwhelmed.

I will be in 4 different cities across the nation. Here are the dates and locations:
Phoenix, AZ – June 21
Austin, TX – June 23
Atlanta, GA – June 25
Washington DC – June 28

To get tickets go HERE!!! Just click on your city and it will take you to check out!! I am really excited to meet some new faces and connect with great friends on this tour.

For photographers and creative business owners: Please leave some feedback in the comment section about these topics of conversation. Have you struggled with your branding development in the past? Do you have questions? Or other suggestions for topics to touch on? What are the specific setbacks you have had when branding? Anything thats hard or confusing in this process for you? I would really love to hear from YOU, even if you cannot attend. Thanks bunches. I totally hope to see you on tour.

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