I am on the lookout right now for a fun iPad case. I did a few minutes of perusing the webs and came across a few favorites. I just recently got an iPad for referencing website designs that I create. But that’s kind of all I use it for right now. I have not started using it on a daily basis yet. I really thought I would. So I am thinking that a case for it might help. haha. Good reasoning, right? Haha. Do you have an IPad? And If so, what do you mainly use it for? And what-the-heck Apps do I need to get?!? Also… link in some rad IPad cases in the comment section if you know of any. On the look out!

I love THESE TWO from Madewell. Thinking this is probably the one I will get! The striped are fun, but the bright yellow is CRAZY! Although it might get a bit dirty?!?!

I was really impressed by the look of the quality of THIS ONE! This would be a good choice because my husband uses the iPad as well. And I think this one would last a while. The pockets are a plus. And I love their website too!

THIS ONE is more of a fascination than anything. Really REALLY rad cases. I couldn’t really understand what was going on exactly. This stop motion video does not disappoint. I think it’s really beneficial when companies use video to showcase their product. DONE! Hope you are having a good Wednesday!

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