1 // Name, 2 // what you do, and 3 // any links you want (Facebook, website, etc)

Can’t wait to read and go-a-clickin! And hopefully you all will have some new finds to check out! Don’t leave here without chiming in! There is also one going on over on my Facebook page if you want to participate in that one as well. photo by Andria Lindquist

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  1. Melodie Ann

    1 // Melodie Ann
    2 // I own a photographer business with my love.
    3 // http://www.lifeasphotographers.com

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Rich Lander

    Rich Lander
    Wedding and portrait photographer

    LOVE what you do, Promise! :)

  3. sharon

    Hey I’m Sharon McKeeman :) I’m a homeschooling Mama to three boys who is obsessed with photography! I document our crazy lives in SoCal and create images on my blog here . . .


    and I super love your work, your lovely home and adorable puppy!

  4. Sabrina Nohling

    Hey! I am a photographer but my day job is working with the elderly. Love being able to use my gifts to serve the Lord! My fb page is http://www.facebook.com/sabrina.nohling and my blog is http://blog.sabrinanohlingphotography.com/ :)

  5. Joshua

    Hey Promise! My name’s Joshua and I’m a graphic designer. I do lots of freelance work but my fav thing lately is trying to raise dolla billz for Hello Somebody. I’m doing that by commissioning other designers and selling off their limited-edition designs. What do you think? http://www.thejustloveproject.com

  6. Jennifer Lebron

    Ciao Promise!! I am Jenn (1), I am a daughter of the King, wife, blog stalker, a photographer, and a “one day I’ll…” kind of creative (2). I just took down my websites so no linkage. I am trying to get to a place where I am sane enough and FOCUSED enough to create. I’ve been stuck in adulthood — work, commute, sleep, commute, work. >.<

    I really appreciate your love for Jesus, your blog, and your spunk. So thanks for sharing!!

    && Nice to meet you.
    Haha. <3

  7. Tori

    1) I’m Tori Watson! (Heeey there! :)
    2) I’m a wedding & portrait photographer (and coffee/tea-drinking-curly-hair-enthusiast!)
    3) My website: http://www.marvelousthingsphotography.com | Blog: http://www.marvelousthingsphotoblog.com | Twitter: @marvelousphoto | Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MarvelousThingsPhoto | Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/marvelousphoto

    Yay for this wonderful & fun idea, Promise! :)

  8. Hannah B.

    Hannah B.
    Graphic Designer for Scripps Networks interactive (HGTV, DIY, etc.)
    http://www.secretsofabelle.com/ (*On hold until a refresh coming next month.)
    Until then…

  9. Stephanie

    I sew little clothing with a big punch:)



    Love your pic!

  10. laura V.

    Hey Promise :) Thanks for the meet n greet! It lightens the mood of a very wet Wednesday! My name is Laura, I’ve been around…I do Graphic Design/photography in-house at a large non-profit in Canada. I think I’m starting to dream of one day being self employed in a shared studio space! (…its a long way off I think.)

    My website is: http://www.lauravanderwel.com/
    And my design heroes are Invisible Creature: http://blog.invisiblecreature.com/
    I just love their quirky characters and illustration style.

    Thanks for being always inspiring and encouraging :)

  11. Amelia Renee

    name: Amelia, obviously. ;)

    what I do: a lot of things! right now, it is mainly school (cramming in all the finals prep & polishing projects, currently!)I also photograph, I sing loudly in my car & have dance parties at stop lights, lead a Bible study through a campus ministry team, work at a sub shop, and try to love people like Jesus does! (I often fail… so thankful for His grace!)

    my name should link through to my photography blog– twitter & fb links are on that:) feel free to say hi! I love love love making new friends! :)

  12. erin aka eef

    How fun!

    1// Erin
    2// Web designer
    3// http://eef-etc.com | http://erin-flynn.net | https://www.facebook.com/eefetc

    Stop by and say “hi” I love meeting new people!

  13. Danielle Capito

    1. Hi! I’m Danielle! :)

    2. I am a wedding photographer from San Luis Obispo, California and couldn’t imagine doing anything else!! <3

    3. My website: http://daniellecapitophotography.com/
    My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/daniellecapitophotography

  14. Elise Giverink

    I’m Elise and I am a Bay Area Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. I love capturing people who are full of life, laughter and love.

  15. Anna

    Hi Promise! This is so fun! I’m a huge fan of yours. :)

    1. My name is Anna Joy.
    2. I am a graphic designer with a passion for textiles, sewing, and quilting and want to combine both of my loves.
    3. http://www.thejoycottage.com <— blog
    http://www.fortheloveofjoy.etsy.com <— shop
    http://www.facebook.com/thejoycottage <— FB

    Now I'm going to say "hi" to the other ladies! :)

  16. johanna

    name: Johanna
    what i do: graphic designer & letterpress printer // in love with paper and stationery design
    website: http://arborcornerstudio.com/ • http://arborcornerstudio.com/blog • twitter: @arborcorner • facebook.com/arborcornerstudio

  17. Amanda Wagner

    1. Amanda Wagner
    2. photog/foodie/musician/jokester
    3. http://www.amanda-wagner.com & http://www.amandawagnerblog.com

  18. Jen Lula

    1. I’m Jen!
    2. Former HS art teacher turned stay at home mom and blogger. I recently found your blog after I saw you on the Circles Conference page. My husband Kevin is speaking as well.

    my blog is jenloveskev.com

    Glad I found your blog!

  19. Meredith S

    Aww, thanks for doing this!! I love your blog, btw! Seriously, its so adorable and so creative and inspiring, too.

    I shoot people! In the safest way of course – with a camera!
    I do weddings and portraits!

    Blog: http://www.brilliantlightblog.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brilliantlightphotography
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/bril_light

    Thanks again! And for all you do and post :) xo

  20. Julie Young

    1 // Julie Young
    2 // own a wedding photography business, stalk this blog :) , hope to start my own someday
    3 // http://www.bliss-images.com

    Thanks for this! Now I have plenty of other blogs to stalk as well!

  21. Ana Aguilar

    1// I’m Ana!
    2// I’m a lifestyle & wedding photographer along with my hubby! we’re from Guatemala (central america)
    3// this is my facebook page:


    and my blog:

    website is coming soon!! :)

  22. Lydia Woosley

    1 // Lydia Woosley
    2 // Lifestyle Photographer and Work-At-Home-Mom
    3 // Website – http://www.lydiawoosley.com
    Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/LydiaWoosleyPhotography
    Twitter – http://twitter.com/lydiawoosley

  23. Laura

    1) Hello. I’m Laura Brady
    2) I’m a graphic designer and paper stylist.
    3) http://www.onelevencreative.com (website)
    talesofayoungdesigner.blogspot.com (blog)
    http://www.onelevencreative.etsy.com (shop)

    Thanks for starting this Promise!

  24. Rebekah Hoyt

    Hi Promise! I love you and your blog! Thanks for all of the inspiration and encouragement! :)

    1. Rebekah Hoyt
    2. I’m a wedding photographer based in DC!
    3. Website: http://www.rebekahhoyt.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebekahgoldmanphotography

  25. Chelsea


    1. My name is Chelsea Brown.
    2. I’m a wedding photographer, but I love to do fashion and lifestyle when I have the chance!
    3. http://chelseabrownphotography.com (website)

  26. Libby Loo

    Blog: http://bit.ly/Ja2krV
    Facebook: http://on.fb.me/I9up8B

    Hi Promise! So awesome to see a collection of such positive, creative people connecting here.
    I’m a blogger, conceptual portrait artist and wedding photographer based out of Portland, OR & the SF Bay Area.
    (( waves hi! )) :)
    I hope we get to work together someday!
    xo Libby

  27. Jamie

    1. Jamie Manstrom
    2. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer along with my husband :)
    3. Website: http://www.manstromphotography.com (thanks to the lovely sitehouse design)
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/manstromphotography

  28. Ariel

    Hey there!

    The name is Ariel, and I am photographer! My passion is beauty and fashion, and turning it into to what I call Creative Photo Art.

    My website is ari-photography.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/ariel.ariphotography

  29. Bre Buskey


    1/ I’m Bre Buskey

    2/ Event planner and set design/styling.

    3/ My blog is http://www.brebuskey.blogspot.com / Facebook http://www.facebook.com/brebuskey

    Nice to meet you all and a big ol’ thank you to Promise for doing this!!

  30. haley sheffield

    hello. <3

    1. // haley sheffield
    2. // full-time free-lance photographer based in the southeast & worship leader (lover of Jesus, singing about Jesus, singing to Jesus)
    3. // website <3 http://www.haleysheffield.com
    facebook <3 https://www.facebook.com/thephotographyofhaleysheffield

    there are so many days i wish i lived on the west coast so we could meet up for coffee! you're a girl after my own heart!

  31. Caytlyn

    This is great! Thanks for doing this!

    1. Caytlyn Chilelli
    2. I am a student and graphic designer (about to graduate! yay!)
    3. Blog: http://www.lovedesignsunshine.com Portfolio: caytlynchilelli.com

    Love your work, keep up the amazingness!

  32. Nicole

    Hello there! My name is Nicole Hill and I am a wedding photographer. My business is Nack Photography.

    Blog: http://www.nackphotography.com/blog
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nackphoto

  33. Karen Stott

    Hey all! This is so fun Promise! Thanks for doing this!
    1) My name is Karen Stott

    2) My husband Isaac and I run a wedding photography business together… Last year we also started a Christian Artists Community called Pursuit 31 which has been quite the fun endeavor!

    3) Here are my sites! Feel free to say hi :)

  34. Joseph Gonzalez-Dufresne

    Hi everyone! Thanks for providing the meet n’ greet, Promise!
    1. Joseph Gonzalez-Dufresne
    2. I’m a designer & wedding/family portrait photographer from MA
    3. Website: http://www.jgddesignphoto.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jgddesignphoto

  35. Ryan Longnecker

    1. Ryan Longnecker
    2. Photographer, College Pastor
    3. http://www.equalsdphotography.com

    Met you while I was shooting Catalyst this weekend. Hopefully you have time for my site!

  36. lyndsay hyatt-almeida

    Hey! I’m Lyndsay Hyatt- Almeida, a portrait photog from the Sunshine State. My company is Pink Coffee Photo: http://pinkcoffeephoto.com/blog/ I adore you Promise!!!

  37. allison

    Heyoo!! I love these.

    I am Allison Harp…photographer at http://www.allisonjeanphoto.com and art/spanish student about to graduate in one week! woohoo!

  38. Emily

    1 // Emily Leclerc 2 // graphic designer, photographer, vintage shop owner, blogger, everythinger 3 // http://www.emilyleclerc.com

  39. Michelle Moore

    Love ya Promise!!

    1// Michelle Moore
    Seattle, WA

    2// Fashion & Senior Portrait Photographer

    3// http://michellemoore.com & http://facebook.com/iammichellemoore


  40. karey miller

    Karey Miller
    Portrait studio owner in The Woodlands, Texas
    Love you Promise!

  41. Erika

    Awesome idea!

    1. Erika Walker
    2. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer, my Dad, Eric and I own a company together called 2ee’s Photography.
    3. Blog: blog.2eesphotography.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/2ees-Photography

  42. stephanie

    this is a fab idea!

    hi, i’m stephanie.
    i’m a designer/creative/lover of ice cream =)
    here’s my blog : http://www.thisworldaroundyou.wordpress.com
    here’s my photo site : http://www.thisworldaroundyou.com
    and here’s my design site : http://www.stephanieritahart.com

    thanks, Promise!

  43. Lonnie

    Hey oh!! This is awesome :)

    1 Lonnie Webb
    2 Photographer
    3 http://www.LonnieWebb.net

    Hi Prom and Alex!


  44. kim

    1. kim gee!
    2. illustrator/comic artist/graphic designer. currently attending FIT, self-publishing a graphic novel, and illustrating a comic book/textbook on learning to code HTML.
    3. portfolio: http://www.kimgeeillustration.com
    comics: http://www.kimgeecomics.com
    kickstarter (four days left!): http://kck.st/Ag6QMs


  45. Leah Case

    1. Leah Case
    2. Own a national wedding photography collaborative and am a mama!
    3. http://www.oncelikeaspark.com // http://www.lovingdangerously.com

  46. Stephanie

    Hi Promise,

    I’m totally clicking on everyone else’s links. I love looking at all the creative work out there. I’m a graphic designers by trade, trying to transition into full-time wedding photographer (for second marriages, elopements, intimate weddings). I absolutely love your design sense and admire what you’ve done with your awesome skills!


  47. LaRiche

    Love this Promise!
    1//I’m LaRiche Danielle, editorial lifestyle & boudoir photographer based in Atlanta
    2//Full time work in HR, love photography, fashion and art…working to build my photog. business. My sister joined my buz and very excited for her as my stylist
    3//My boudoir page is here: http://www.facebook.com/FemmeBoudoirStudio


  48. Iris

    Hoi Promise!

    +1 I’m Iris Jönsthövel, an ‘Onverschrokken’ girl from Holland.
    +2 I’m a fulltime Master student of Industrial Design and parttime Sports junkie, so I basically fancy all things mind-blowing and inspiring ;-]
    +3 My space on the web: http://www.onverschrokken.com [recently switched to English]

    Groetjes Iris!

    ps. Onverschrokken is Dutch for stout-hearted. Just so you know!

  49. Emily

    1. Emily Stivers
    2. Librarian
    3. http://pinterest.com/ejstivers/

  50. ellie

    2//wedding + portrait photographer (aka photographer of fun)
    3//elliebphotography.blogspot.com, Facebook.com/elliebephotography

  51. Justin Keitch

    I’m Justin Keitch.

    I love life, my wife and my kids.

    I’m a graphic designer and an aspiring humanitarian photographer.
    Nearing the end of a 3 year project working with a local non-profit. Its a coffee table book of photos and stories of people from around the world with a story of life change to tell.


  52. KrisD Mauga

    Hi Promise ~ you are a doll!
    I have 2 wedding/boudoir photography http://krashingmotions.info/ and now recently launched preset bundles and combo PSD+site for photographers’ clients http://krashsets.krashingmotions.info/

  53. Samantha Scott

    1 // Samantha Scott
    2 // commercial children and lifestyle photographer
    3 // http://www.samanthascott.net http://www.samiamphotography.com

    Thanks for this!

  54. Bianca Valentim

    Well hello everyone! :)

    1// Bianca Valentim
    2// Wedding and Lifestyle photographer for people in love, runner and dog mom
    3// http://biancavalentimblog.com / http://www.facebook.com/biancavalentimphotography

    Nice to meet you all!

    This is AWESOME promise!!!

  55. Katie Leigh

    1. Katie Leigh
    2. Artist, activist and lover. I want to do my art to educate others about social justice and to work with women in developing countries.

  56. sarah der

    Helloooooo, Promise!

    1. Sarah Der!
    2. Photographer, cat wrangler, wife to a scientist who brews beer and makes up witty songs, and shameless when it comes to accosting strangers out walking their cute dogs (YOU SHOULD WATCH OUT…if I’m ever in AZ I will boldly approach you and ask to/insist that I pet your furry little pup(!)).
    3. http://www.sarahderphotography.com

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  57. Jannicka

    Hi! I’m Jannicka (juh-nee-kuh) and I’m a portrait + wedding photographer, Army wife, and Mommy to a fun little girl. :)
    Website: http://jannickamayte.com
    Blog: http://photoblog.jannickamayte.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jannickamaytephotography

  58. sarah sattelberg

    I am many things Photographer, dreamer, army wife, and mother to 3 crazy kids.I recently decided to follow my dreams rather than do what others expected of me.
    check out my facebook page

  59. Kelli Forsythe

    I fight violence against the human spirit, so we each can be who we were truly created to be.

    Founder: S.O.U.L.: Supporters Of Unfettered Love
    https://www.facebook.com/theSOULbag and Twitter: @thesoulstory @kelliforsythe
    Exclusive seller of TheSOULbag Collection:

    SEND ME YOUR ART! I love conceptual & mixed media artwork that have personal story woven in: if you have stories of becoming free and unfettered from an adult abusive relationship, I would love to be able to share your hopeful work (optional to be anonymous) that communicates a part of this story to the reader/onlooker! Post them on the Blog at http://www.thesoulbag.com or send to me at kelli@thesoulbag.com

  60. mariana herrera mosli

    I’m Mariana of Kismis Ink Photography. My other half, Khaled Mosli and I are international wedding photographers. I look forward to connecting further with all of you! :) http://www.facebook.com/kismisink

  61. Andrea Cloninger Wilson

    1 // Andrea Cloninger Wilson

    2 // Nutrition Consultant + Sustainable Food Systems adjunct professor. I work with businesses, universities and non-profits to create healthy, sustainable communities {basically, not a photographer or designer!}

    3 // http://www.andreacloningerwilson.com <— I LOVE using your creative stylegroups for NON-creative businesses

  62. Chase Miller

    1. Chase Miller
    2. Surf Blogger + Photography Intern
    3. http://www.thesurfboardman.com

  63. Catie Ronquillo

    1// Catie Ronquillo Wood
    2// Lifestyle photographer & blogger
    3// http://www.catieronquillo.com, http://blog.catieronquillo.com, http://projectjoiedevivre.com

    Thanks Promise!! :)

  64. Natalia Baker

    Natalia Baker

    Current: Social photographer, London, UK
    Here’s hoping: Offering my customers a blend of graphic design, social media and photography in exciting and relevant lifestlye packages

    http://www.nataliaphotography.com & http://www.facebook.com/nataliaphotography
    http://www.pinterest.com/natalialoves <3

  65. Alex Evjen

    My name is Alex Evjen.

    I’m an assistant to this creative gal who sometimes gets called Precious.

    I also sometimes like to dabble in fashions styling. ;)

  66. Camille Monique

    Uh-oh… did it post? One more time:

    Like me!

    1// Camille Monique, Makeup & Hair
    2// http://www.camillemonique.com
    3// http://www.facebook.com/CamilleMoniqueMUA
    4// http://www.twitter.com/camillemonique

  67. Hannah Nicole

    Heeey Promise! So fun and exciting! I’m Hannah, a lifestyle + portrait photographer learning to love a bit deeper and live a bit fiercer. In my spare time, I graphic design, laugh, and eat too much chocolate. I’m a fan of mumford & sons, lazy summer days, and going barefoot. Also, making authentic art that matters. xo
    my blog Aspire & my work.

  68. Mandy

    Hi! I’m Mandy, and I work as a copywriter but on the side I sell photography and vintage items in my etsy shop, http://www.thegingershoppe.etsy.com. I also blog at http://www.gingermandy.com. :)

  69. Hannah Nicole

    Heeey Promise! So fun and exciting! I’m Hannah, a lifestyle + portrait photographer learning to love a bit deeper and live a bit fiercer. In my spare time, I graphic design, laugh, and eat too much chocolate. I’m a fan of mumford & sons, lazy summer days, and going barefoot. Also, making authentic art that matters. xo
    my blog, my work, my fb, my pins, & my tweets.

  70. Cynthia Daniels

    1 // Cynthia J {Daniels}
    2 // I am a photographer {weddings, fashion}
    3 // http://www.cynthiajphoto.com {wonder who’s site design this is???}
    4 // http://www.facebook.com/CynthiaJPhotography

    *like my page and i will like you back!

  71. Aundrea Shafer

    Hey everyone I am Aundrea Shafer of A Shafer Photography. I am based outside of Topeka, KS. I am a HIV medical case manager as well as a photographer. You can find me at: http://www.ashaferphotography.com, http://pinterest.com/aundrea_shafer/ (I am a little obsessed) or facebook.com/ashaferphotography

  72. Mia Helen

    1// Mia Helen

    2// Part time nanny and vintage etsy seller

    3// Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/foundshoppe?ref=si_shop

    Blog: http://creating4him.blogspot.com/

    Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mialovesgod/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/MiaHelenChristy

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/mialovesgod

  73. Mandi Heilig

    Thanks so much for doing this! I love looking around at everyones stuff! I love your creative edge and often share your blog with friends and fellow designers!

    I am a graphic designer/marketing consultant – but lean a little more towards the creative side.

    Here is my info:

    Website: http://www.dryinkdesigns.com
    Blog: http://dryinkdesigns.wordpress.com/
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dryinkdesigns
    Twitter: @dryinkdesigns
    Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/dryinkdesigns/

  74. Misty Bradley

    Hello from OKC! I am Misty and I create Portrait & Style Art for the Glorious. You can find me at http://www.REVELphoto.com or http://www.facebook.com/REVELphoto

  75. JoAnna Johnson

    I am JoAnna Johnson, I am from OKC, Ok. As of today I am a full time photographer, & a part time youth ministry intern whoo hoo. I am so excited for this adventure. I wasn’t planning on quitting my full time job until the end of June, but I was tired of scheduling everything around my full time job.
    Here is my website:http://www.joannajohnsonstudios.com/
    blog(but I don’t keep up with it but I can now since I have an extra 8hrs in my day):http://www.joannajohnsonstudiosblog.net/
    My facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/JoAnna-Johnson-Studios/160375367372718

  76. Robyn

    Hi, I’m Robyn Jackson! I’m a 6th grade math teacher and soon-to-be new mommy! (Baby Jackson is due August 29th!) I’m not professional by any means, but I do enjoy taking pictures and experimenting with my camera. I try to update frequently about our life over at http://eliandrobyn.blogspot.com/

    p.s. I’ve been reading your blog since before you got married (a couple of years!) and I don’t think I have ever commented.. Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself! I absolutely LOVE your blog and enjoy reading about your passions, family, and especially your puppy!!

  77. Calli

    Hi there(: I posted up on the facebook, but it was during school, so it was quite a brief introduction!
    Anyway, my name is Calli and I am a junior in high school who has fallen completely head over heels for photography. I hope to further my education in college and become a fashion photographer someday! You can check me out at http://www.facebook.com/calliwebbphotography (:

  78. Emily Crall

    Hi, it’s Emily. I’m a 20s-something with a passion for weddings and photography. Combine the two and you have a business owner. What? I know, right. That’s what I thought when I first started out. :)
    Web: http://www.emilycrall.com
    FB: http://www.facebook.com/emilycrallphotography
    Blog: http://www.blog.emilycrall.com

  79. Jess Judkins

    Jess Judkins
    owner of mycharmingcolors.etsy.com
    and mama to Judah http://www.mylittlemustache.com

  80. Rebekah Disch

    Love your blog, love this idea.

    1. Rebekah Disch
    2. Photographer’s Assistant/Graphic Designer
    3. rebekahdisch.wordpress.com

    Nice to meet you :)

  81. Jeanette

    Incredible Photos, Promise. You are amazing, as is Andria

    My info:
    Jeanette LeBlanc – writer, photographer and all around inspirationalist (someone on twitter called me that and I decided I wanted to keep it).

    words: http://peacelovefree.com

    images: http://jeanetteleblanc.com

  82. Casey Kleeb

    Hello! My name is Casey Kleeb and I am currently a student studying graphic design (yusss!) and being a wife to my amazing husband. I love meeting new people! Yay! Here’s my facebook site :)


  83. Dana Marshall

    1// Dana
    2// student studying accounting
    3// http://danamarshallblog.com

    & my blog will be following my two month trip to Nairobi, Kenya where I’ll be working with a local church & students there :)

  84. Rachael

    1 // Rachael Roehmholdt (used to be Cable): BFF’s from Crossroads (way) back in the day! ;)
    2 // what you do: food/cooking/healthy eating blogger and holistic health coach student!
    and 3 // any links you want (Facebook, website, etc): http://kitchencourses.com http://facebook.com/kitchencourses and http://twitter.com/kitchencourses

    I love keeping up with what you’re doing even after all these years – I’m so impressed with all that you’ve accomplished! :)

  85. Amy

    1 // My name is Amy
    2 // I’m a jewelry and accessories stylist for the wonderful Stella & Dot! I love styling women and getting to wear pretty jewels everyday!
    3 // stelladot.com/amygarner

  86. Amy

    1 // My name is Amy
    2 // I’m a jewelry and accessories stylist for the wonderful Stella & Dot! I love styling women and getting to wear pretty jewels everyday!
    3 // stelladot.com/amygarner

  87. Kaysha - Irvine Wedding Photographer

    1. Kaysha Weiner
    2. Wedding Photographer
    3. http://www.facebook.com/KayshaWeinerPhotographer

  88. Leslie

    1. Leslie Montenegro
    2. Designer, Developer, Photographer
    3. http://www.lesliemontenegro.com

  89. Stephenie Zamora

    Stephenie Zamora
    Graphic Designer + Life Coach


  90. Annie

    1 // Annie Kennedy
    2 // Photographer (rock climbing instructor on the side :) )
    3 // annie-kennedy.blogspot.com / annie_kennedy on twitter, pinterest and instagram / Annie Kennedy Photography on Facebook.

  91. Jenna Schultz

    1// I’m Jenna Schultz
    2// I work in a bank but am a photographer/designer in my spare time :)
    fb page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jenna-Schultz-Photography-Design/214002058654674
    blog: http://jennaschultz.blogspot.com/

    Love your page! Keep up the great work! :)

  92. Caressa Rogers

    1… Caressa Rogers
    2… Photographer | Co-Founder of Inspired Magazine
    3… http://www.caressarogers.com | Photography
    http://www.blog.caressarogers.com | Blog
    http://www.inspired.caressarogers.com | Inspired Magazine

  93. Mailinh

    Hello, hello! :0)
    1 // My name is Mailinh.
    2 // I’m an ESL instructor at university. I also coordinate activities for our international students. As a hobby & passion, I take up photography when time allows me to do it.
    3 // I don’t have any at the moment because I have no idea what I’m doing; however, I do have a tumblr that I try to regularly update… http://mailinhneyugn.tumblr.com

  94. kelly ann

    1 // Kelly Ann :)
    2 // Graphic Designer
    3 // http://flowerchilddwelling.com || http://twitter.com/hellokellyann

  95. Denise

    1// Denise Conrad
    2// I am a photographer (families and kiddos)
    3// website: http://deniseconradphotography.com/
    blog: http://www.lifeiscandidphotography.com/blog/
    Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/kirida?ref=si_shop

    Love your blog and YOU!

  96. Kelli

    1 // Kelli Murray
    2 // Artist & Designer
    3 // http://www.kellimurray.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kelli-Murray/106941039323566 / http://pinterest.com/kellimurrayart/

  97. Jessica @ Becoming Refined

    1// Jessica
    2// Full-time student at the University of WA, musician and singer, and recently created a blog about fashion (Google has definitely been helpful with HTML stuff).
    3// http://becomingrefined.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/becomingrefined

  98. Katie Lewis

    1| I’m Katie!
    2| I’m a high school senior and wedding photographer in Fargo, ND
    3| http://www.katielewisphotography.com

  99. Kelsey Kelly

    This is such a fun idea! I love snooping around and checking out all of the different kinds of talent out there. So inspiring!

    1. I’m Kelsey
    2. I am a little Texan living in southern Alabama with my musician husband and our sweet furry love child PattyCake. I have a degree in graphic design, but split my time between working at a local cupcake shop and being a photographer.


  100. Kirsten Judkins

    Name// Kirsten
    What I Do// student/volunteer/art junkie
    art blog// http://theamericanartjunkie.tumblr.com/

  101. Jana Miller

    I’m Jana :)
    Here’s my landing page http://www.janaleemiller.com

    mom, graphic design student, homeschooler

  102. Cynthia H

    Name: Cynthia
    What I do: Walgreens pharmacist, farmer’s wife, and expectant mom (due Sept), new auction addict
    Blog: http://cyndicated.wordpress.com; Instagram: CynHendrix

  103. Maalaea Rose

    Maalaea Rose
    Portland, Oregon
    Teacher & Photographer

    Photo website: iandmphotoblog.com
    Twitter: @Maalaearose

  104. Jen Z

    1// Jen
    2// I’m an Artist & Designer
    3// I have a portfolio (which needs updating)- http://www.jenzalewski.com and a blog- http://www.seekshangrila.com :)

    Can’t wait to check out everyone else’s links!

  105. morgan

    Hi! I’m Morgan and I run my own business here in Canada doing graphic design. My passion is design, type, travel and life.

    You can visit me at http://www.morganvicki.com

    Thank you for being so inspiring :)

  106. David Biederbeck

    Long time follower and fan!
    I’m a full time motion designer, both in house, and freelance…

    Website | dbiederbeck.com
    Reel | https://vimeo.com/38794652

  107. Lauren

    So fun!
    1. Lauren
    2. Graphic Designer
    3. http://www.laurenleehuff.com

  108. astami

    1 // Astami Bekti
    2 // Wedding photographer/Big Fan of Your Hair/NYC Bred
    3 // http://www.astamiphotos.com

    You’re amazing. Ahhhhhh-mahhhhhh-zing.

  109. Kayla

    1- Kayla Stagnaro
    2- I run Muncle Fred Art out of my home! I started it with a couple friends! We make wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, hair flowers, etc
    3- http://www.etsy.com/shop/munclefredart

    Thank you Promise! Excited to look through all the links!

  110. Sarah Crank

    1 – Sarah Crank
    2 – Pharmaceutical Sales – Photographer – Fan/Follower
    3 – http://www.SarahCrank.com

    Thanks for all you bring to us!

  111. Tanja

    Looks like I am not exactly contributing an original reply! But here I go… :)
    1) Tanja
    2) starting wedding/couple photographer
    3) http://jelgerandtanja.com/
    (and totally a big fan of your hair too!)

  112. Christina LeMarr

    Wow, I do a lot lol!!
    1 * Christina LeMarr
    2 * Photographer – Freelance Graphic Designer – Boutique Owner
    3 * sentimentalvisions.com – http://moongypsydesigns.showitsite.com/ -etsy.com/shop/speckledfeather

    I love your posts and designs. Great inspiration and down to earth reads. I also hoop dance but that’s another story :)

  113. Heather Mulholland

    1// Heather Mulholland
    2// Multiple Hat Wearer (Blogger, Photographer, Web Designer/Developer, Marketing Manager)
    3// http://www.teawithmeblog.com

    Nice to meet you :)

  114. Christin Kreml

    1 Christin Kreml
    2 I’m a web designer + amateur photographer
    3 http://sweetpeadesignstudio.com

    Love what you do! You’re such an inspiration!

  115. Krista Peterson

    1. I’m Krista! Hello.
    2. I’m a fashion designer turned trashion designer.
    3. Lazy Saturdays

  116. AmyPunky Photography

    Hey there!
    1 // Emilie
    2 // I am a wedding, portrait and editorial photographer
    3 // Here’s my website and my FB page:
    Thanks! :)

  117. Laurie

    Hey Promise! Thanks so much for doing this. I LOVE getting to meet other inspiring creatives:) Thanks also for your interview on my blog! You’re the best!

    1. Laurie Cosgrove
    2. Graphic designer creating templates for photographers. SO fun! Also raising a 2-year old and doing youth ministry with my adorable husband
    3. http://www.beautydivinedesign.com and http://www.beautydivinedesign.com/blog

  118. Anda

    Promise!! You are too beautiful and stylish. Eesh — I want to raid your closet!
    Love this idea and I’ve loved looking through at all the talent so far.
    1//Anda Marie
    2//I shoot weddings, couples, and food
    3//site: http://www.andamarie.com OR http://www.andamarie.net
    4//tweet tweet: twitter.com/anda_marie
    5//fb: facebook.com/andamarie

  119. Melissa Blue

    1. I’m Melissa Blue–how’s it going? :-)
    2. I am an actor headshot/model/contemp. glam photographer
    3. My website is http://www.melissabluephoto.com, my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/melissablueward, and my Twitter is http://www.twitter.com/melissablueward

  120. Sarah

    I’m Sarah from England.
    I’m a Global Xchange volunteer and just spent 3 months working in Sri Lanka and i’m now working in N. Ireland!

  121. Sonal

    2//Marketing manager, working on my goal of being a professional photographer
    3//hellosonal.com Not too much up yet, but its a (slow) work in progress.

  122. Rachel

    Hey Promise (and everyone!!)

    This is a great idea, I’ve already been flicking through and found some great sites.

    My name’s Rachel, I’m a Nurse by day/Writer by night…I’m over at Emerge Magazine, my new project-in-the-works!

    Nice to meet you all :)

  123. Chelsea C.

    Meetsies Greetsies! Hey all!

    1 // Chelsea. Living in NYC, moving back home to CA.
    2 // I’m a DIY & lifestyle blogger, and a musical theatre actor!
    3 // The blogaroo: http://www.lovelyindeed.com

    Have a great day, dudes. :)

  124. Sarah Schroeder

    1)) I’m Sarah. (or Shredder as my friends call me)
    2)) I own my own online store (like a mini amazon-with great everyday products) along with a few other day jobs ;)
    The name I decided to go with for my business, basically means to bring about a change, and with this business I hope to bring a change (for the better) in the lives of my family, friends, and those I meet everyday.

    3)) http://catalyst.mychoices.biz/Home.aspx

    I have loved art and photography since I was young, and love doing it for fun. I have always enjoyed reading about your ideas, visions, and dreams! Keep on dreaming, living it, and making a difference in the lives of those around you.

  125. Holly

    Hey Promise!
    Whoa, you’ve got a ton of links to go through! Haha. I’m actually going to bookmark this page & go through all of the links myself!

    Anyway, I’m Holly & I knit! I have a blog & a shop named Holly Knitlightly. On my blog I love posting juices that I’ve made recently, recipes that I’ve tried & loved, “the list” – a list of things I want to do in my life time, I’m constantly adding to it & marking things off! (Things that I’ve been doing every month for “the list” are making and donating blankets for charity, writing letters, and keeping track of all of the books I’ve read!)

    Here are my links!


  126. Nikki McKenzie

    1)) Nikki
    2)) I’m a college student trying to start my own photo business.
    3)) facebook.com/nikkimckenziephotography (page)

    many thanks for doing this!!

  127. Stacy Martin

    1 // Stacy Martin
    2 // I’m an artist extraordinaire! I’m a graphic designer, photographer, collage-r, painter, journal-er and an expert coffee drinker (I am from Seattle, after all!).
    3 // Photography Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/behindyoureyesphotography
    Personal Blog: itwasbeautiful.blogspot.com

    I’m currently an intern at The Church of Living Water in Olympia, WA and am focusing on graphic design as well as photography. My boss showed me your site back in the Fall and I haven’t stopped looking and loving everything that I see! I actually am currently looking into art school for the future and had a tiny freak-out moment when I clicked on the NCAD website and saw that you went there! :)

    Love your work, Promise. Can’t wait to see new stuff!

    God bless you and Brian!

    –Stacy Martin

  128. Rachel Sweatt

    I’m a little late to the party, but hey! ;)

    1) Rachel Sweatt

    When you’ve got a minute drop by my blog and leave a comment, I’d love to hear from all of you!
    P.S. I have a contest going on right now so head on over and vote for your favorite image! :)

  129. Shanda Isaacs

    Hi, I’m Shanda!
    I’m a momma / partner at This & That Vintage Rentals / graphic designer / music & photography lover!

    Nice to meet you! Love your ideas and style!

  130. Kel

    1) Kel
    2) I’m a photographer and a mama to 3 kiddos and a proud wife to a devastatingly handsome man named Josh!
    3) http://kelelwoodphotography.zenfolio.com/, http://www.joshandkel.com (blog), https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002506239818&ref=tn_tnmn

    I just LOVE your site!!! I love your love for your husband and of course your whimsy, fanTASTIC style….you ROCK chica!

  131. Yvette Gioia

    1. Yvette Gioia
    2. People Watcher Extraordinair made socially acceptable thru my camera
    3. http://www.gioiaphotography.com

    Oooh I love this meet and greet…great idea

    Promise, you manage to make each one of your blog readers feel special and like they know you personally…what a great quality to have as a person and as a blogger.
    smiles, Yvette

  132. leigh

    2//a middle school social studies & english teacher :)
    3//veryloveleigh.blogspot.com & newly penned pencilsandpost-its.blogspot.com

    love your blog & your heart for jesus! xoxo


    Hi everyone!

    1 | Kristine Ko

    2 | full time graphic designer + part time wedding photographer

    3 | http://kkcreativestudioblog.com & facebook.com/kristinekocreativestudioblog.com

    P.S. I love your style !

  134. Jess Velarde

    Jess Velarde

    full time photographer and part time wanna-be painter :)

    website found here: jessicavelarde.com
    and if you’d like to say hello: https://www.facebook.com/jessicavelardephoto

  135. Rachel Salazar

    I love this meet and greet! I’m finding so many great websites!!!
    I’m a recent BFA design graduate and all of a sudden I have a flood of freelance clients for web and print design. So I started my own design firm and am crazy scared. I would love to hear any advise, my website is Rachelsalazar.com and feel free to chat up with my on twitter @rachel_lsalazar

  136. Melissa

    1 | Melissa Green
    2 | missionary in the field + photographer
    3 | workin on a sitehouse website :) but for now, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melissa-Green-Photography/115370895245425
    & | instagram: melissagreenmachine

  137. Julie Fioretti - orlando wedding photographer

    1. Julie Fioretti Hughes
    2. Wedding, headshots and lifestyle portrait photographer
    3. WS: http://www.hughesfioretti.com BLOG: http://hughesfioretti.com/blog/ FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hughes-Fioretti-Photography/154639047939427


  138. Brittney


    1. Brittney

    2. I love doing a lot of different things: reading, writing, blogging, designing, photography, running! The list goes on and on!

    3. http://butfirstcomeslove.blogspot.com

  139. Heather

    My name is Heather Sanchez. I work as Technical support for state farm, I am in college, and love doing humanitarian work in my free time.

  140. Casey Lynn

    1// Casey Lynn Galanter

    2// Full time Web and Graphic Designer at a non-profit in California (Forest Home). Also a freelance graphic designer as well as a newbie to the blogging world :)

    3// Caseylynndesigns.com/Blog / caseylynndesigns.com / twitter=caseygalanter

  141. Corissa

    My name is Corissa. I am a photographer and blogger. My photographs can be found here http://corissaann.com/theblog/ and my personal blog here http://www.krisandcorissa.blogspot.com/

    Love your blog Promise!

  142. Jess

    Hi I’m Jess Poole. Love this idea for meeting internet people. I’m an Interior Designer, I’ve just graduated and am working on getting some more experience and work. http://www.jpooledesign.com http://www.facebook.com/JessicaPooleDesign

  143. Amanda

    one// amanda
    two// currently work for the family grain export/railroad companies but greatly anticipating SCHOOL in the fall to learn all the tech-y things i need to learn to make my artistic dreams come to life|||thrilled about this
    three// http://www.amandaaffleck.com [used to be my photography blog-more of a lifestyle blog now-just a place to share the little things that perk up my life]

    ps||we share a love of feathers|95% of the time i have em in ma hair too :)

  144. Brandon Robbins

    Brandon Robbins (@robbinsbrandon) :: Ideas Developer/Creative Consultant, Writer :: http://robbinsbrandon.wordpress.com Twitter- http://twitter.com/robbinsbrandon

  145. Sarah Reed

    1//sarah + duane
    2//rad WEDDING photographers who r in love with each other and who r your new friends :) :) :)
    3// http://www.shirockphotography.com and http://shirockphotography.blogspot.com

    awesome blog! cheers!

  146. Erin Hemmelgarn

    1//I’m Erin Hemmelgarn (also known around the Internets as Erin Nicole and rinnybird)
    2//I’m a photographer! I’m currently in AP Photography at my school and I was my school’s Trade and Technical Sciences Sterling Scholar (and a state finalist in the competition) for that!
    3//modusphosus.weebly.com is my internet home! Hope you like what you see! I also run an Etsy on the side: lettersfromcharlie.etsy.com

  147. bec

    Nice idea!
    I’m Bec, and I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer (yes, another one it seems)
    Lovely to look at some new links :)

  148. Stephanie Dickenson

    My name is Stephanie

    +I work for a non-profit called Children of the Nations, that works to help some of the poorest countries in the world raise children who will grow up to transform their nations from the inside out.
    +I am passionate about God’s mission to heal the world by bringing it’s people back to himself bit by bit, and I blog about it all.


    I’m excited to browse around!

  149. Denise Karis

    I’m late but I’ll still say hi :) My site is DeniseKaris.com – I’m a photographer in Phoenix Arizona – I have a son named Kayden and a dog named Kiwi – I love my mom, music and theatre and OMG BOOKS…and dancing, but we keep that confined to my living room- Definitely enthused to click through some of these sites – I LOVE photographer sites and creative sites :) xoxoxox

  150. Lydia

    Finally catching up on reading blog posts!

    1 // Lydia
    2 // Lifestyle wedding & senior portrait photographer
    3 // http://lydiaphotography.com and http://lydiaseniors.com

  151. jessica flynn

    way behind the power curve here, but better late than never, eh?!

    1} – jessica
    2} – photographer. wife to my adventurer. mama to 2 amazing mini humans. army family … so always changing. lover of all things creative … and authentic. and in a constant balancing act between them all … at times i’m more gracefully balanced than others! thankful for a lifetime to figure that out….
    3} – http://capturephotosite.com/blog

    thanks lovely promise!!!

  152. Keaton Webb

    1.// Keaton Webb
    2.// Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

    *tips hat* Nice to meet you! :)

  153. Chelsea S.

    1// Chelsea Scanlan of North Shore Hawaii
    2// I photograph. I take adventures with J. I am working on sharing my love.
    3// http://www.chelseascanlanblog.com/ and http://chelsandj.blogspot.com/


  154. Jennifer Medeiros

    1// Jennifer Medeiros.. I currently reside in Central Maine, but I was born in MA and at my very core I am a Jersey Girl!

    2// I am a photographer [who very much loves your work!]

    3// http://www.jmedeirosphotography.com & http://www.facebook.com/JmCollages

    P.S. You’re kind of awesome. :)

  155. Emilee

    1// Emilee
    2// I’m a young and determined photographer and graphic designer
    3// http://www.facebook.com/eeephotography

  156. Kim

    1. Hi! I’m Kim. I’m late to this party, but figured I’d chime in anyway :)
    2. I’m an artist, dreamer, lover and account exec at a creative agency.
    3. http://www.lookalittlecloser.com/blog

    p.s. You rock! xo

  157. jae

    am i too late to join in on this?
    1) i’m jae :D
    2) i’m a photographer with layer one photography in Toronto and a proud puppy-mama!
    3) http://www.layerone.ca ; http://www.twitter.com/victoriajaev

  158. Janelle

    1) Hey, I’m Janelle!
    2) I am a college student with Celiac Disease studying to become an RD. I also blog about living gluten free in college and life in general!
    3) http://withjanelle.me – http://www.twitter.com/gfreejanelle

  159. Inspirations of the Week « Love Always Mini

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