I was very excited that the very talented Melissa JIll asked me to shoot her new promo photos for her website. ACTUALLY, I was honestly REALLY surprised that she asked me to do them, because I am by no means talented enough to photograph OTHER photographers. YIKES! As you know she has a Rock-star of a photography business going, and as I have put down my camera for a season I was anxious and nervous about shooting her. I imagined that she was cringing inside, while she watching me direct, position, and instruct her do silly/embarrassing things. But she insisted that I lead the charge on this photoshoot…. And it turned out to be SUPER fun… and very inspiring. I did find out that MELISSA WILL DO ANYTHING YOU TELL HER TO DO. HAHHAA. What a great model. I will definitely remember that in my next shoot with her. hahha jk… well maybe.

We had a great team on this photoshoot including:
Hair & make-up: Tina Burnham – Refined Hair Studio
Styling: Alex Evjen- AVE Styles

One of my favorite things about melissa Jill is that when you meet her for the first time… you feel like you have known her forever. There really cant be a better quality about a portrait photographer. She is really laid back, warm, and inviting! And unlike a lot of other “busy” photographers, she MAKES time for you. She emails back to her blog commenters, she openly shares her photography techniques, and there are NO “stupid questions” to melissa, she answers them all. Brian and I were models for one of her workshops a few months back and we learned a ton about the way she teaches on loves on people. Melissa is a photographer that stands out among the many, and she is truly leading the way.

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