Today is the day! We are really excited to announce that we were able to partner with Melissa Jill in creating a memorable impression for her MJ2DAY photography workshops. Melissa has been a friend for quite sometime now, and it was great to finally be able to partner together to create something AWESOME!! Well…If we may say so ourselves. Haha. Really, it was quite the honor to work with her. I have looked up to Melissa for a while now. She is amazing at business strategy, execution, client relationships, workflow, and photography. You couldn’t ask for a better combo! You may have remembered when Brian and I modeled for her workshop a couple of years back. It was really cool to hear and watch her teach other photographers. My husband Brian even said he was ready to pick up a camera after that. haha! It was very inspiring.

Melissa needed a site that was different, and yet close to the vibe of her main website. She loves teal and the color combo of the teal and red has a retro and fun look to it. One of my favorite features of the site is the slide in transitions of the pages. The site was built on the Showit web platform. I am so excited to say that it uses html5, so it’s viewable and fully functioning on all major mobile platforms. AHH so stoked!! This IS HUGE for me, and you and anyone interested in using Showit. Be sure to check out the workshop video on the video page. AND for anyone that is interested, she is hosting the next workshop in June! You can register HERE for that.

OH…and I almost forgot! My SiteHouse company is one of her sponsors, and she gives away sites at every one of her workshops! UMM AWESOME!! I hope you enjoy the site.

A big thank you to our designer Liz, who assisted on the implementation of the site! We love you!

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