YAY!!! I am so excited to show you the photos by the talented Melissa Jill. I am on my way to California today to photograph the Catalyst West Coast conference, like I did last year… but I just wanted to get these blitzed up online before I go. I am hoping to have a few other blog posts out in the next few days. I hope I hope. I have lots to show you. I seriously LOVED the way Melissa captured Brian and I. I am soo lucky to be married to Brian. I am so thankful every day that I wake up in the morning. We have so much fun together.

Melissa is an AMAZING photographer and teacher. These photos were from the MJ2day workshop that she was teaching in Chandler Az. We were so lucky to be invited out to be her models. There were 12 other female photographers there watching, snapping photos, and asking questions. It was so much fun. Plus I learned a few things too. Melissa knows exactly how to explain things that help you understand and not feel stupid. I also loved the fact that she tells all. Nothing is kept as a secret with Melissa. She made us and all the photographers feel as ease and comfortable and it was just a really fun learning laboratory.

We met Melissa at WPPi in Las Vegas a few months ago… Its funny that we had to go there to meet her considering that she lives in our town. Oh my!! We quickly realized that she is a kindred spirit and we became friends very fast. She is one of those people that you feel like you’ve known forever. That is a great and refreshing quality about her, especially a great quality for a photographer.

PLUS!!! Melissa even listed yours truly as one of her FAVORITE THINGS!!! WOWZA!! How sweet is she? I am so honored. haha. Be sure to check out her blog. She posts almost everyday…. I don’t know how she does it. My little dino friend joined me on my necklace too. haha. What are you all up to? Sorry for the randomness. Love you. Gotta go!!

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