I am back! I was gone all last week! Well, not gone gone…I went on a small trip but I was mostly in the design cave working away on some projects! I am excited to show you…but not done yet!

In the mean time… I am BACK!! With a fun kinda different post than normal. I did a fun little photoshoot with the ever so talented Alejandra Vidal. The shoot was literally like 20 minutes because the wind was blowing so hard. So I award her “genius” for coming away with so much! Way more than I expected! She rocks in other words. And then we had a fun dinner with our husbands and cute puppies. ARRGGG I love puppies!






Below is a style sort of video (created by Alejandra) that shows where I got some of the pieces I am wearing. This shoot was also in collaboration with Handbag heaven. Cute purse…right? They have a lot of great unique bags that are very reasonably priced. I like that. heh! Also here is the link for the sequin shorts.

I have a bunch more stuff coming this week so check back!
Umm so…More of these types of posts? Vote yay or nay in the comments! Miss you! Love you! Bye!

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  1. Annie

    Yay all the way! I love seeing your hair and your style – you are such a rock star! I’d love to take photos of you someday… Speaking of which… I’ll be in Arizona in October… ;)

  2. Kat - RocknRollBride

    that neon orange is the BOMB! i just bought a dress in that colour but I havent had the balls to wear it yet (i do have pink hair.. im gonna like MENTAL) haha. love the video too. super cute

  3. Mailinh

    Uh…definite YAY!!!! Glad to see you back in the blog world. As always…you rock with style, my friend!

  4. Hannah Beasley

    haha I loved this post! Yes, post more of them! Your style is so inspiring, too. I love all the colors!

  5. Carina Skrobecki

    Oh I just love this!

  6. Kari Nichols

    ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY YAY!!!! You are so darn cute! I love it, that should be part of your website!!! ♥

  7. Michelle Feeney

    Awesome work by both of you. A great model and fashionista and photographer/videographer! A perfect pairing. :)

  8. Spencer Clark

    super cute outfit! you’re adorable, and i love this type of post. keep em comin!

  9. Emilia Jane

    YAYAYAYAY love it girl!!!

  10. Jaclyn C.

    Ahh! This is awesome sauce!!

  11. Yasmin Sarai

    Oo la la! ;) Love this… Ale is AMAZING and Promise, you look so lovely!

  12. Lindsay

    Yay for sure! You look great. I love getting to see your personal style. Those shorts are awesome.

  13. Bethany

    Where do you get your adorable rings?! That’s what I wanna know! I always keep my eyes peeled for rings. Do you use clear nail polish to keep them from turning your finger colors? It’s so hard for me to find rings that hold up under wear and tear AND fit my budget :)

  14. Alejandra Vidal

    Ahh!!! SO much fun!! You are such a blessing girl… really loved our evening with our hubs :) Here’s to many more!!

  15. denise nicole

    More more more!!!! Ahhhhhhh I adore you both!!!! Ale is an amazing photographer/videographer and I am soooo blessed to call her my friend!!! Loved this little segment. And I am heading over to express to grab me a pair of those shorts. HOLLA!

  16. Kelsey


  17. Tiera

    You look amazing! I’ve been loving bold colors lately. And yay to more posts like these :)

  18. simi

    yesyesyes and amen! I love your vibrant style, and these pictures make my heart sing :)

  19. Sandra

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

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  21. Laura

    Ummmmm, Yes Please. I Love your style! You are a great inspiration!

  22. Michelle

    Amazing as always! Is there a way I can get access to the song Ale uses for her short video? What’s her source?