I am back! I was gone all last week! Well, not gone gone…I went on a small trip but I was mostly in the design cave working away on some projects! I am excited to show you…but not done yet!

In the mean time… I am BACK!! With a fun kinda different post than normal. I did a fun little photoshoot with the ever so talented Alejandra Vidal. The shoot was literally like 20 minutes because the wind was blowing so hard. So I award her “genius” for coming away with so much! Way more than I expected! She rocks in other words. And then we had a fun dinner with our husbands and cute puppies. ARRGGG I love puppies!






Below is a style sort of video (created by Alejandra) that shows where I got some of the pieces I am wearing. This shoot was also in collaboration with Handbag heaven. Cute purse…right? They have a lot of great unique bags that are very reasonably priced. I like that. heh! Also here is the link for the sequin shorts.

I have a bunch more stuff coming this week so check back!
Umm so…More of these types of posts? Vote yay or nay in the comments! Miss you! Love you! Bye!

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