I wanted to share with you a bit of my past weekend. So I thought I would share it in a meaningful, practical, out of my comfort zone, and disturbing kind of way. Maybe you can relate.

MEANINGFUL: I have really been enjoying spending time with family and friends in this season. It has a new meaning for me lately! This past weekend we took a very short trip to Denver Colorado for my husband’s cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful small intimate wedding in the botanical gardens. It felt really good to be with our family. We ate well and danced till we dropped.

PRACTICAL: One of my fun staples on this trip was my Foxy earrings from Madewell. A gift from my lovely Friend Liz Grant. Usually I wear no earrings or really noticeable show-stopper kind of earrings. But these add a simple detail. They are understated and unique. Madewell has some other really cute simple earrings right now. Cute gift ideas huh? Liz knows what’s up.

OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE: Meet Nicole, Karina, Tori, Veronica, Shelly, Heather, and Shannon. On my way to the airport we had an impromptu meet up with a group Denver girls. It was definitely short and sweet but it was fun to meet face to face, hear about their different creative businesses, and get their take on balancing family life with careers. And they all had great hair to top it off. I’m an introvert in a lot of ways. I can get all tongue-tied, hot, and nervous with new unexpected situations. and of course that DID in fact happen! BUT THESE GIRLS WERE SOOOO RAD! I never get over the fact that the Internet can connect like minded people that live miles and miles apart. And for that, I am very thankful. I need more of this in my life! A big thank you to this special group of girls. Thanks for making the time to connect. In person. I hope and pray for continued success in your businesses and that you grow in your deep love and passion for the REAL things that matter in life.

DISTURBING: My husband and I are OBSESSED with the show Breaking Bad. AHH! Is that disturbing?

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