This past week you may have seen a fly by tweet, instagram, or Facebook update about our new little furry friend, Parker. And YES we got him!! Last Friday!! He is a Goldendoodle and the cutest thing ever…. Well, we think so anyway. But boy is he BUSY!!! Puppy-Mommy is TIRED… to say the least. haha. But he is sleeping through the nights…. No whining just a few potty breaks so I can’t complain very much.

I haven’t been working in my office since we’ve had him. And I kinda miss it. He’s not allowed to go upstairs yet until he’s COMPLETELY potty trained. So I have been working via my computer from pretty much everywhere…. Including a HUGE leap across the backyard lawn when unexpectedly the sprinklers came on. haha. I managed to save my computer, but I had to go back to save my iPhone, todo notebook, and Parker (who was scared and SOAKED in the middle of the lawn. haha. Oh man. That was a funny moment. All is well though. And a little more lively, I have to say.

I LOOOOOVE these new family photos of us. My sister and Brother-In-Law (Troy Grover Photographers) were in town last weekend and we did a little impromptu photoshoot on the way over to Jasmine Star’s The Fix in Phoenix. Which was UNBELIEVABLE by the way. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet… YOU SHOULD!! She is making her way across the country. I have never been to an event like it.

Hope you enjoy the video and photos. See more from our photoshoot here.

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  1. Sheryl

    The photos are just wonderful! The video made me melt, Parker is so super adorable x

  2. Aimee Grover

    We are in love too! So fun to have our first nephew :)

  3. Jessica

    Love these photos! They did such a great job capturing your family =) Now I want to go take new photos with our puppy!

  4. Nikki McKenzie

    your puppy is adorable, your family is beautiful, and you are gorgeous! thanks for sharing and hope you have an awesome weekend!

  5. susana cristina

    wow love the family pictures!! Parker is so cute!!

  6. Jenny Leigh Ryan

    Your puppy is adorable! It’s amazing how a puppy can make your heart grow!
    Btw, LOVE your big mama hair! It’s gorgemous!
    Jenny Leigh

  7. Ashley

    Your puppy is just toooo cute!! Makes me want to get another one!!

  8. natasha

    He is soooooooo adorable.. ah you are going to love him!! xx

  9. Jillian

    Love this!! Cutest puppy. So happy for you both!
    xx. Jillian

  10. Nikki McKenzie

    your puppy is adorable, your family is beautiful, and you are gorgeous….
    hope you have an incredible weekend!

  11. Jaclyn C.

    That video is by far the CUTEST EVER!!! I think your Parker is adorable. Good luck to all three of you. :)

  12. Sam Allen

    So exciting! I started searching for puppies after seeing your photos from Amy and Troy! So cute!

  13. Sofia

    That is one adorable lil’ boy! And gorgeous photos of you three also.
    Happy happy! :)

  14. Lyndzee Ellsworth

    Girl look at you with your hand on your hip. So sassy!! You guys are awesome and Parker is adorable.

  15. Sonal

    Your video kills me… Parker is so cute! Congrats!

  16. Mailinh

    Awesome pix and video! Too adorable!!!!

  17. Jessica K. Sullivan

    Parker is a cutie! Congrats! Video and photos are great!

  18. Candice

    Aww, I LOVE your new puppy and your family photos!! He’s so cute! My husband and I have a Labradoodle named Molly and she is the sweetest thing ever! Congrats! :)

  19. rachel salazar

    oh, my! when i saw the close up pic with the lime green background, I thought to myself “christmas card photo” wouldn’t that be neat? I love getting photo christmas cards, it makes the stressful holidays seem so much more bearable when every morning for breakfast i get to look at all my dearest friends on the fridge. hahaha, just a thought, take it or leave it.

  20. Lydia

    Awww, Parker is so adorable!! I’ve totally got puppy fever!

  21. Heather Alkhateeb

    Oh Promise, you will LOVE Parker! We’ve had our Goldendoodle Sadie for just about a year now and she’s such a joy in our life!

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  23. Amy

    Parker is the sweetest puppy. The photos are gorgeous, loved seeing the video too, definitely a little star in the making.

  24. Britni Stein

    Such a precious puppy! We are looking for a labradoodle if you dont mind me asking where did you get Parker?

  25. Ginger Murray

    Just when your family couldn’t haven’t gotten any cuter ALREADY!!! Wowza, so cute.
    Congrats :)
    And YES… puppies are soooo much work, hahaha.

  26. mary ellen

    He is such a cute puppy!! make me want another one! :) so much work but so fun.

  27. Melissa Jill :)


  28. Cheryl

    Yup. That’s definitely my next dog. So cute!!! Enjoy every puppy moment. They grow up so fast:( Almost like children, but faster!

  29. kelly

    I was just searching info on a new website [thinking of going showit] when i stumbled across you promise… once i saw you with Parker I just knew you were the one for me.. i have a goldendoodle “LENNY” [we call them Groodles here is australia] and I am totally IN LOVE with him! He is just a human in a bear suit!

  30. Megan

    Love the gold jacket and pants—where did you find them both?