Taylor and Jason had the most amazing wedding I have been to in a long time. It was truly unique, beautiful, and FUN! Taylor and Jason went to Africa with Brian and I last August. It was a bonding experience getting to know them while working and serving along side of them. They got engaged a few days before the trip, so we got to hear all about their romantic experience, and the beginning stages of wedding planning. Taylor and Jason are kindred Spirits. They are both artists and photographers and very talented. I was honored to have been asked to design their wedding invitations (see them here), and photograph their wedding. PLUS they also borrowed my yellow china cabinet that I re-did as their cupcake holder. It was soooo cute. I didn’t include any photos of that… well because I already had so many photos in this post. It was sooo hard for me to choose which ones to incorporate in this post. They had so many unique little touches to their wedding. I dont know how they thought of everything.

Their wedding venue was KILLER and I know you will all ask where it is. It is called the Historic Icehouse in Phoenix Az. It is modern, shabby, roofless, and totally ROCKSTAR RAD!! Jason and Taylor even had their own photographs on display in the gallery section of the venue. How BOMB is that? They looked amazing.

You know those weddings that you have been too where everything LOOKS AMAZING and all is top notch, bling bling, daddy war-bucks, but you come away feeling like “ahhh that was okay I guess” because there was no heart, no spiritual dimension, no character? WELL THAT WAS NOT THIS WEDDING. After this wedding I came away refreshingly full. Full of hope, full of happiness, full of yummy food and gooey chocolate cupcakes, full of heart, and spiritually centered. It was a full package experience for the mind, body, and soul. I am really thankful that I was able to experience this day with Taylor and Jason. I hope this will be a day that we ALL remember.

P.S. Taylor… Please tell me where those yummy cupcakes came from?!?! They rocked my world.

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