Taylor and Jason had the most amazing wedding I have been to in a long time. It was truly unique, beautiful, and FUN! Taylor and Jason went to Africa with Brian and I last August. It was a bonding experience getting to know them while working and serving along side of them. They got engaged a few days before the trip, so we got to hear all about their romantic experience, and the beginning stages of wedding planning. Taylor and Jason are kindred Spirits. They are both artists and photographers and very talented. I was honored to have been asked to design their wedding invitations (see them here), and photograph their wedding. PLUS they also borrowed my yellow china cabinet that I re-did as their cupcake holder. It was soooo cute. I didn’t include any photos of that… well because I already had so many photos in this post. It was sooo hard for me to choose which ones to incorporate in this post. They had so many unique little touches to their wedding. I dont know how they thought of everything.

Their wedding venue was KILLER and I know you will all ask where it is. It is called the Historic Icehouse in Phoenix Az. It is modern, shabby, roofless, and totally ROCKSTAR RAD!! Jason and Taylor even had their own photographs on display in the gallery section of the venue. How BOMB is that? They looked amazing.

You know those weddings that you have been too where everything LOOKS AMAZING and all is top notch, bling bling, daddy war-bucks, but you come away feeling like “ahhh that was okay I guess” because there was no heart, no spiritual dimension, no character? WELL THAT WAS NOT THIS WEDDING. After this wedding I came away refreshingly full. Full of hope, full of happiness, full of yummy food and gooey chocolate cupcakes, full of heart, and spiritually centered. It was a full package experience for the mind, body, and soul. I am really thankful that I was able to experience this day with Taylor and Jason. I hope this will be a day that we ALL remember.

P.S. Taylor… Please tell me where those yummy cupcakes came from?!?! They rocked my world.

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  1. Troy Grover

    sweet! as usual :)

  2. Taylor Joy

    I’m freakin’ out! Jason and I are absolutley dying! LOVE THEM! You are incredible. Your work is incredible. Your words are incredible! We love you! thank you! thank you! thank you!

  3. Mom & Dad in Flag

    Thank you Promise for all that you have captured! We are blessed by your gifts!

  4. Kodi

    This wedding makes me happy.

  5. Annie

    Incredible work Promise. You never cease to amaze me.

  6. derekmswanson

    These are fantastic! Great job.

  7. Sara

    GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations to the happy couple… I absolutely love the maid’s dresses and the ceremony site was stunningly unique! Pictures are amazing and there’s no doubt there was a lot of love at this union!

  8. Kristyna

    Omigoodness. Most bizarre coincidence ever! So I follow a girl from California on blogger and she recommended your site for inspiration. Then I discover you’re from Phoenix- I’m from Mesa. And now, here you are, with a post of Taylor, who I was in a small group with for a few months. We both go to Central Christian Church. Too small of a world! These photographs are fantastic and she is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met & I’m uber happy for her. :)

  9. s h e r r y

    Wow, Promise! I love the detail shots and all the colour <3 Lovely!

  10. Lauren

    Beautiful Promise! Their wedding looks like so much fun and I love how she had all of those different center pieces! By any chance do you know where she got her dress from? it is gorgeous!

  11. Muriel

    Amazing shots of two beautiful people. Because I wasn’t present (I’m still miffed about THAT), at least your pictures brought the warmth and beauty of the wedding to my computer. For that I thank you and know it will be “forever after” for them.

  12. Taylor Joy

    Lauren- my dress was/is a Paloma Blanca (3802) that I purchased at Destiny’s in Scottsdale :)

  13. Taylor Joy

    OH and they are from La Dolce Pesca she has a shop in Old Town Scottsdale… and they are delicious! SO YUMMY… glad you enjoyed! I did too as you can see in some of the photos :)

  14. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Taylor!!! hahahah. thats awesome. I will have to go check them out and get me some. :) THEY WERE SOOO GOOOD. i was telling everyone about them. :) haha.

  15. sheilah dancer (the mom)

    Promise I love reliving this evening…so much went in to planning the details and to see them captured with so much heart and soul is just incredible…The kids are thrilled and I just feel filled with so much appreciation and gratitude for you, for your talent and precious gift of absorbing the energy….Thank you! The photos are perfect….and I am beginning to think you just might be too….”) Wow, we are so blessed…Taylor’s Mom..”)

  16. Denise Saucedo

    Oh My!!! This is so flippin gorgeous!! I love love love everything about this wedding! The details, her dress, the uber cute couple and your images that soak it all up and light up my face like a burst of sunshine on a hot summer day!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

  17. Meredith Amadee

    promise! you captured everything beautifully :) really nice job

  18. kristiapplesauce

    Yay! These are beautiful shots and super creative decorating. I would love to see the inside of their home. I bet it is rad. Congrats to the couple. I hope their whole life is filled with joy!

  19. Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride

    This wedding has so many wonderful details!! I am dying over the little ranunculus- so beautiful! You really captured some wonderful moments- this would make a great feature on any wedding blog! :)

  20. Katie

    SO beautiful!
    Promise, I was inspired by your DIY record wall art, so I did some of my own!
    Check it out:

    Thanks for the idea/inspiration!


  21. Kim Ake

    Promise! These are amazing! It was a blast watching you work from so many different angles. Thanks for helping us all remember all the details in pictures!

  22. Prudence

    What an awesome venue. And hey with all the rain we’ve been having they lucked out not having any. Gorgeous wedding. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the flower girl with the camera. I’d frame that.

  23. Alex Evjen

    wow! those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! wonderful colors for a wedding.

  24. keRi

    fantastic pictures promise. such a fun and carefree vibe to all of them – you are too talented! to the bride – in love with the bridesmaides dresses. where’d you find those?? did you have them made in all the different patterns?

  25. Taylor Joy

    Keri- the dresses are Anna Elyse (annaelyse.com) I chose the color and the ladies had a choice from around 25 different styles to choose from. Each of them had them shortened cuz I wanted them to feel super sassy. The final product was amazing they were fabulous to work with!

  26. Faye

    i love this wedding. love the colors! it’s giving me ideas for my future (whenever that may be) wedding :)

  27. Melissa Jill :)

    AMAZING job Promise! I love the mustard color and all the fun details! I want to see what the cupcake cabinet looked like though!!!

  28. Canada Flowers

    Marvelous shots. That derelict building just struck me dumb. I was wondering what it might look like if roses were added, but thought nahh this couldn’t be better.

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  30. Becka @Studio222 Photography

    What a cool venue. Gorgeous images Promise.

  31. Chantale@labellebride

    Geesh these are nice. Lovely pics Promise!

  32. Derek Frenzel

    This wedding is styled amazingly. I love the 2 shots of the bridal party out on the curb. Great job- hope you and Brian are doing well!

  33. Capt. Buzz

    Looks like a cool time. Liked the venue. How come I didn’t get an invite? Dustin mad @ me?

  34. Leah Mullett

    Promise! YOU are amazing! These are so beautiful! Love everything about them! How do you set up your blog post with the images in a template?! I take wayyy to long to blog my pictures!

  35. Lydia

    What a cool wedding! Love the pops of yellow and different bridesmaid dress styles. I want to see a picture of the cupcake cabinet!

  36. Rosanne


    Do you know the name of the girl doing the brides make-up? i love her hair and would like to see if i can find any other pictures of her.

  37. Gabriele Rappold

    The first thing that you ought to do is hire a wedding planner. Some would-be brides prefer to plan on their own, thinking that by hiring a wedding planner, they will have less to do with the wedding. In fact, a lovely wedding planner should let you be involved in the method as much as possible.

  38. Taylor Joy

    Rosanne- her name is Chanel Warwick and not sure if you live in Arizona but she does make-up at the Scottsdale Fashion Square M.A.C store so you could go see her. She is absolutely fabulous!

  39. Ligi

    woah… I love the bride’s flower hair accessory!!!!!!! any idea where she got it from?!

  40. Ashley Gain

    Promise~ Your work is so stunning. You have a God given talent! Oh my goodness, how cute is that picture of the little girl taking the bride’s picture?! :) Moments like that are the exect reason why brides hire talented photographers like you! :) YEY! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  41. Shannon

    Promise these photos are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful wedding and couple, I am in love with all the details.

  42. Kolei

    Ooohlaaah. the gold/yellows are gee.orgeous.
    lovely shots darling, esp with the bridesmaids.

  43. Lauren

    What a beautiful wedding! Taylor…I was searching for the Paloma Blanca 3802 and that’s how I came across your wedding. I am in love with that dress and thinking about purchasing it for my wedding. What color did you get it in? I am considering the shell which has a slight tint of pink to it but am worried it may be hard to find shoes and bridesmaids dresses that go with it.

    Congrats! Everything about your wedding was absolutely gorgeous.

  44. tahiti


    what gear do you take with you to weddings???

  45. Lesa Hender

    How does one acquire work outside of their local market, and how does one ultimately become a destination wedding photographer?