It has definately been a long time coming. So, I am excited to announce that the Messy Bun Hair Tutorial is finally up. This video will show you my process of how I create and wear my signature messy bun. I hope you enjoy it and maybe get to try a new look for yourself. Let me know if this was helpful at all and I will work on posting more hair tutorials.

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  9. […] The messy bun is my favorite. It looks messy and like you don’t actually care how your hair looks but it’s a well-though process. Here’s how you make the bun: first you get some hair spray into your hair for more volume. Then you backcomb some strands to rough up the hair. Swipe the hair back into a ponytail. You get a hair tie, you pull it back over and you twist. Pull the bun apart a little bit and that’s all.{found on promisetangemanblog}. […]