Lonnie is located in Seattle, the beautiful state of green and RAIN!! haha. August is my favorite month in Washington and I hope to get there this coming August to see family and friends. Lonnie really rocked this shoot with confidence and lots of laughs and jokes. PLUS!! This shoot was on his Birthday!!! Happy birthday Lonnie! He currently has a full time corporate job and is launching into the creative world of photography, video, and art. I am loving the stuff he is currently working on, and he has a suburb sense of fashion. With a really big heart and a passion for people, the world, and creativity, I cannot wait to see how he’ll be used in Seattle or wherever his career takes him. I will definitely be hanging out with him and his UBER cool sisters next time i am in Seattle. Almost all of these photos were edited with Formulaoneactions.com. Check them out and view a couple of these photos there.

Check out Lonnie’s website, blog, and twitter.

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