OKAY sound off!! This is the blog post where you can ask any question you want about art, design, life, ideas, gear, programs, software, photography, business, AND SOMEONE WILL ANSWER IT!! haha. Someone will answer… whether its me or another artist blogger. There are a lot of really talented people around this community so there will be a lot of great answers. I am so stoked to read and see the conversation that is going to take place here. Please answer people’s questions as well. Ask something that you have been wanting to ask for a while OR ask something silly and stupid like: ” What was the name of your first pet?”. hahaha. okay okay.

Here are some questions to get started answering: what are your favorite photo editing programs? photo previewing program? Do I need to make and print brochures for people to hand out to promote my business? I want to paint, but where do i start? How do i present a design to a client? What do you do for a living? How do I get over a creative block? THRIFT STORE SHOPPING?

NATHAN B!!! haha. i love this photo. I am determined to do a photoshoot with him the next time I’m in Seattle.
hahaa. sportin my dark hair back in the day.

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