I just got finished tweaking one of my Site House website style groups for Jasmine Star’s The Fix Website. And I was quickly reminded about why I LOOVE Site House sites and why I love the Show It software. There is really nothing quite like this out there… where you can FULLY customize and change a site to look completely different from the “template” by dragging and dropping. WOOHOO!! I love the extreme flexibility and the ability to make each site unique.

I want to congratulate my friend Jasmine for launching a new event for us all to attend this spring. She will be traveling around the country talking to photographers about how to “identify weaknesses within a business, maximize entrepreneurial strengths, & outline a course of action to employ for 2012.” I am really excited for her and what she will be sharing at these events. As a young business person, I feel like I have learned a lot about the importance of structure, marketing, and using my strengths. AND in that learning I have learned that THERE IS A TON MORE TO LEARN. haha. And I admire Jasmine for her success in that way.

Check out the original site design:

Check out the revamped version for The Fix:

Also check out THE FIX on your iPad for Showit’s HTML5 in Beta.

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