We have been waiting and waiting to release this new collection of website designs. There have been online giveaways, design previews, and all kinds of tricky teasers before the official release!! YAY! The collection is finally here! TODAY! And we are sooo excited. Alex and I did research, preparing, and planning for this new collection. We really aimed to create something for everyone in this collection. We have clean and modern, sweet and pretty, classic and simple, edgy and stylish, artsy and grunge…You name it! We have also added some fun new things to some of the designs such as Pinterest buttons, killer transitions and favorite things pages. We have shown a couple of our favorites below:

Go check them out RIGHT NOW, and tell us which one is your favorite! www. sitehousedesigns.com

AND….In honor of the new release, we thought it would be cool to share examples of how you can REALLY make these sites your own by using showit.




This girl ROCKED the Gray Skies theme. I mean, it doesn’t even look like it was once Gray Skies. She completely changed the vibe of the site by turning the background from black to white giving the website a more feminine feel. Another big stand out is her adorable social media buttons at the bottom of the home page. They are large, colorful and make the call to action loud and clear – this gal wants to connect with YOU! The icing on the cake is her transformation of the gallery page. She added a personal touch with some sweet words, and then made the different photo content very clear to the viewer. Way to go, Kristen!

Second is….KELLY KATE



She definitely mixed up Mix & Match by brightening up the stylegroup with yellow, gray and white. Who doesn’t love that color combo? The home page is such a wow factor because she has made her branding very clear, then added a personal touch with a hand-written font perfect next to her contemporary logo and also told the visitor that her photography is “Fun, Fresh and Forever.” That’s a great slogan because it’s true and simple.

We also love that Kelly made a favorites page, which is something that this stylegroup didn’t have to start with. Now that I know she stares at her mac all day long, I think I want to challenge her to staring contest.

Great job, Kelly!

Last, but definitely not least, is one of our favorite gals around Miss Holli True. This girl is such a pro at stylegroup customizations that she does workshops around the country. So, we let Holli have a go at one of our BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW stylegroups. This stylegroup is called 354 Studios, and you can take this baby for a test drive here.



We LOVE how Holli completely changed the color scheme from rust to turquoise and added a punchy coral on the main point of action, “CONTACT.” We also love how she added some animation to her slogan instead of writing it out and have a stagnant text.

Her about page is another wow factor. Other than a typical bio, pictures and social media links, Holli added a favorite things section, what inspired her to be a photographer, and added a section with a contact form asking her potential clients what inspires them. COOL!!

Lastly, we love that when you click the gallery music turns on to look at the photos. There is a big debate about music on websites. We understand both sides, and we think this site is does a great job of compromising. Holli doesn’t have music on the web page where you could either be filling in a contact form or reading important information. She just uses it on the page to help tell the story of her pictures. Perfect!

Well, What do you think? They did an AWESOME JOB right?!?

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