PIIINK!!!! My hair girl, kim, recommended me adding some fun wash out color to the ends of my hair for a fun and fresh look. The brand she recommended required waiting for the shipment… so I just went to Ulta, a beauty supply store, to see if they carried something similar… and they did. Streekers. A Wild Weekend indeed. haha. I LOVE IT!!! They had a bunch of colors to choose from. I choose pink becuase it would show up the best on my light brown hair. The color is great because it goes on as a liquid and doesn’t come off until I wash it out!! and it comes RIGHT OUT!!! Perfecto! Fun and NEW!! I feel like it’s putting a new spin on all my outfits. If you decide to give it a try… Keep in mind that it does not show up on dark hair.

YOU like? Yay or NAY?

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