Sorry for the conflicting yellows here one the blog… But, I gotta say… I am on this summer time neon kick!! And my nails have it BAD!! haha. I am wearing neon orange at the moment but I am thinking that I need to try this bright yellow highlighter color next.


What do you think? YAY OR NAY? What color do you have on your nails right now?

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  1. sarah danaher

    it’s a bit too bright for me, but I ADORE it for you!!

  2. Kirsten

    I’m loving all the brights this season! I think yellow for summer is great! I’ve been alternating between the bright orangy-pink, almost bright salmon color and a vintage turquoise on my nails ;)

    • Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

      Kirsten- OOO i love!! I got a really bright teal too!! but I have not tried it yet. :) excited too. I love your site girl! :)

  3. Mailinh

    Girl, you definitely can rock that yellow! Right now, I’m in search of a neon coral. Happy Monday!

  4. Sarah

    Major yay! I wore a neon green dress the other night and my nails are going neon pink + yellow today :)

  5. Meaghan

    LOVE the neon trend! I need that nail polish asap! :)

  6. Krista

    Love it. I am currently building my website with bright yellow and hints of neon pink.

  7. Martha

    So fun!! I love yellow–so happy and bright! I’d love to be able to wear brighter colors on my nails but I haven’t been able to break out of my pinks and reds for a while now ;)

  8. Sonal

    I love funky nail colors. I def prefer them to the more typical shades. Some people keep them around just for summer, but I think they are great to brighten up dull, gray winters too!

  9. Jenika

    I have a bright salmon on my toes. Not neon, but I love it! :-) If you’re going to paint, light ‘em up says I!!

  10. Yasmin Sarai

    haha I’m totally rocking the highlighter yellow on my fingernails and toenails right now! So I say YAY! :)

  11. Caytlyn

    I love the bright on you…I am a fan of softer colors for myself though. I have a soft nude pink with gold sparkles :)

  12. stephanie

    i bought some neon yellow nail polish because of this post! it’s on my toes. i wore it to the 4th of july party yesterday and got tons of compliments! =)

  13. Kirsten

    Aw thanks Promise, i appreciate you checking my site out, thanks for exposing me to showit and sitehouse, you rock! And you should totally try your teal color out after you do your neon ;)

  14. Alison

    I love neon! Neon pink is my favorite though :)