Sooooo….This is what the unPromified Promise looks like. I have been rocking a straight do this past week… and I think I like it. Maybe. I feel a little more sophisticated I guess. I don’t TOTALLY feel like myself. But i don’t mind it. What do you say? yay or nay?

We are in love!!!! This little guy is settling in our home real nicely. I think we are starting to get on a rhythm with him. He’s starting to explore new territories in our home now. haha. I joke with brian that I have had a little bit of Postpuppy depression. hah. seriously though. I am thinking.. who am i? and what am i doing? all for a puppy!! its good for me though. and he’s growing sooo fast. I am trying to take lots of photos to save for memories. He has grown a whopping 3 pounds since we’ve had him for 2 weeks now. I don’t want him to grow any bigger. he’s so cute and cuddly. He will only get to about 25-30 pounds though. So that will be fun!! How cute is that little white patch?

Hope your week is going well so far. And I am so glad that so many of you liked the How to NOT find your Style post a couple of days ago. There were a TON of shares on that. AND I went out on a limb and posted it on my Facebook notes section. I was surprised to see people reading those. YAY! Do you think you would read blog stuff on Facebook? I have been thinking about posting there a little more lately.

Alright. I am off to finish stuff that I need to finish! But I got some more fun stuff to share with you soon! HAVE FUN

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  1. Emily Crall

    I think your straight hair is GORGEOUS! You look like Giuliana Rancic! Super jealous. :)

  2. Eeny

    I’d vote for yay – for a straight look. I think you rock both styles!

    Your little Parker is so cute.

  3. Kaleigh

    Your hair is great either way! I’m totally jealous :) and your puppy is precious! I have a labradoodle and when he was a puppy (as opposd to the horse he is now!), he had a sweet little white spot on his chest just like that. Unfortunately it grew out as he got older :( but he’s still pretty adorbs :)

  4. Lindsay

    The straight looks gorgeous! But I’m partial to the “Promified” :)

  5. melissa

    love the straight hair! it actually made me realize your doppleganger is giuliana rancic especially with your hair like that and in the last photo. i think its great either way! definitely more sophisticated straight, and more fun and playful when its promified.

  6. Vanessa

    I love your hair! and your puppy is so cute.<3

  7. Bianca Valentim

    Looking hot!!! I like the straight hair. But I also love the promified look!
    Parker is so cute!! My little pup (Colby) is 17 months old now, it’s the best thing! Yesterday hub and I took him for 4 miles run at 10:30pm. And he is only 20 pounds. Crazy! You would be surprise of what these little ones can do. :) enjoy!!!!!

  8. Liz T.

    Lookin lovely! But I miss your promified hair! I always love seeing how you do it!

  9. Corina

    love the hair!!! tbh, not sure if i like straight or crazy better on you…guess you’re one of the privledged that can pull off both!

    looooooovvvveee the puppy!!! he looks so sweet and cuddly!

  10. sarah danaher

    I think you can rock ANYTHING. pretty much. loving the straight hair look!

  11. Annie

    So so beautiful. You always are.

  12. Mailinh

    Yay on the hair — I think you rock both styles very well! And Parker…well…he’s just a cutie! :0)

  13. Lydia

    When you posted about your straight hair on twitter, I almost didn’t recognize you! You can definitely pull off the uptown look!

    Facebook already creates so much noise, so the notes would probably be just one more thing I would block. I use Google Reader to keep up with my favorite blogs and can save my favorite posts to reread again later!

  14. Caytlyn

    I really love the straight hair, you rock any style! Your puppy is so adorable! As far as reading on facebook, I would see posts quicker I guess, but I really love the look and feel of your blog and I enjoy taking a break from facebook to read your posts here!

  15. Tori

    i think YOU are gorgeous, no matter WHAT you do with your hair. so this is just another of many, many styles you can pull off brilliantly, in my opinion. :)

  16. Jennifer

    I think you are beautiful either way. As long as you wear those feathers somewhere right??

  17. Mel

    The hair looks sophisticated and classy straight, but I still love and prefer your eclectic “art teacher” look :-) —- although, keeping it fresh and new is always fun, and encouraged!

  18. Jasmine

    Ohhh I always wondered what your hair would be like un-promified. I love both though, def can’t decide. Babe.

  19. mary ellen

    you really can do no wrong when it comes to your hair! i say yes!

  20. Jessica K. Sullivan

    Love your new straight do! Your pup is so cute! I did enjoy your last post on style. Very true!

  21. Melissa Jill :)

    You look GORGE any which way. Love these pics!

  22. Kirsten

    Love the new hair! It’s always fun to switch it up! :)

  23. Caley

    Of course, you are beautiful no matter what you do to your hair….however I prefer the “promified” look. You can pull it off SO well and manage to look very sophisticated at the same time.

  24. Leah Mullett

    LOVE this sophisticated look on you! And I love your other look too! Rock both! Mix it up ;)

  25. Kelly Sauer

    You do know that you are Promise in your eyes even more than in your hair, right? Love that you can do whatever you want to do with your hair. It’s amazing, and you really ARE rocking it. Just sayin’.

  26. jen kessler

    haha you are so funny! i just had a baby 8 weeks ago and that is totally how it is – who am i? what am i doing? where am i? what is going on?!

  27. Marcie

    I love this look! I think your next hair tutorial should be on how to get this look! Simply, lovely!

  28. Stefanie

    YAY – definitely <3