Sooooo….This is what the unPromified Promise looks like. I have been rocking a straight do this past week… and I think I like it. Maybe. I feel a little more sophisticated I guess. I don’t TOTALLY feel like myself. But i don’t mind it. What do you say? yay or nay?

We are in love!!!! This little guy is settling in our home real nicely. I think we are starting to get on a rhythm with him. He’s starting to explore new territories in our home now. haha. I joke with brian that I have had a little bit of Postpuppy depression. hah. seriously though. I am thinking.. who am i? and what am i doing? all for a puppy!! its good for me though. and he’s growing sooo fast. I am trying to take lots of photos to save for memories. He has grown a whopping 3 pounds since we’ve had him for 2 weeks now. I don’t want him to grow any bigger. he’s so cute and cuddly. He will only get to about 25-30 pounds though. So that will be fun!! How cute is that little white patch?

Hope your week is going well so far. And I am so glad that so many of you liked the How to NOT find your Style post a couple of days ago. There were a TON of shares on that. AND I went out on a limb and posted it on my Facebook notes section. I was surprised to see people reading those. YAY! Do you think you would read blog stuff on Facebook? I have been thinking about posting there a little more lately.

Alright. I am off to finish stuff that I need to finish! But I got some more fun stuff to share with you soon! HAVE FUN

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