It’s a hot thing right now to have a formal “promo” video for your business/brand. I believe that a video done right can be very powerful and draw the viewer into a full experience and better understanding of your brand. It makes the online world seem offline in a way. It’s the same reason that people love Skype…. because you feel like you are there with the person.

I am really loving this new promo video for my sister and brother-in-law (Troy Grover Photographers). I think this video is fantastic all around and you really get a glimpse into their life and business as a photography duo. You really get to see what Troy and Aimee are like to work with, you see them interact with each other, and at the end you feel very confident that they have the experience, the passion, and the abilities to deliver what they promise. The video is professional but still *very* personal. And I especially love that we get to hear both of them speak. It’s amazing how much better you feel like you know them after you hear them talk, move, etc. Big props to 618 studios and Aimee and Troy Grover for this killer vid!!

On the other hand I have seen promo videos that completely miss the mark because the creators have not thought through the goals or the message they want to communicate through the video. The focus becomes on making the video “cool” and “different” and in the end it doesn’t communicate or help sell the product or service it’s attempting to promote. The video actually hurts the brand by turning people off because it’s off-topic, irrelevant, confusing, tacky, unprofessional, cheesy, poorly written, or the person is REALLY bad on camera. Have you seen those? haha. I am sure you have.

I don’t consider myself a video guru by any means *but in my personal opinion* a promo video should 1 // Communicate the heart of what and why they do what they do, 2 // Showcase the company’s culture/lifestyle, and 3 // Show a glimpse of what it’s like to work with that company as a client or customer.

What do you think are key components to creating a successful promo video? Seen any great ones lately that really sell you on an idea, service, or product? I would love to see them here in the comments.

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