We all like to engage with emotion and I believe moving pictures coupled with sound can set a mood far better than still images. I love it because it creates a whole new level of detail and interaction. It makes the webisphere more personal in a way. The video above is a clip that I created for my new website. And no you are not crazy…It has no sound…because I have a song playing on the site where it’s viewed. Check it out in action HERE. Videos seem to be the hot new thing lately!

I have had this 5D Mark II camera literally for YEARS and never did much video with it. It’s designed for still photographs but also has a high definition video element to it. I feel ashamed that I have not used it more because a lot of professional videographers even use it. WHAT AM I DOING!! I need to be experimenting with it more. I don’t have much experience with video, so I started out by just filming around my office. Practicing a bit. Focusing things and unfocusing things. I tried a few different techniques like panning across print materials, zooming in and out, etc. Those gray stripes that fly across the screen are actually gray striped walls in my living room. I desired an abstract effect to break up the other clips and that striped wall worked perfectly. I just had to get creative with what I had.

And then comes the editing!! iMovie is a pretty basic and standard program. It’s basic enough for me and that’s all I want. iMovie is nothing that the professionals use…everybody has it…but I had never used it none-the-less. So, I went to youtube and searched for basic tutorials. #ilovetheINFORMATIONage. They were GREAT!! They helped me get started and then from there I began to learn on my own. I think the trick to making short clips is knowing and understanding the mood and flow that you desire to achieve before just jumping in to edit. You also want to choose the right music and time things so it matches the vibe of the song that you chose.

Cheers to giving videos a try!! Have you experienced much with video? Or want to? I use my iPhone a lot too. IF you decide to try a video post it up here in the comments. We would all love to check it out!

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  1. Annie

    WANT TO! :) I love yours, and the new website and blog. They’re pretty special :) I just love what you create. Always!

  2. moraima

    oh wow, what are the odds that just yesterday I was telling my husband how I want to start trying out video more as well. we are wedding photographers and shoot with the 5DMkII as also but have never really dig into the video part. I want to make an about me video and a behind the scenes video for the manufacturing company I work for ha!!!

  3. Leslie

    Love this!!! love you blog! :)

  4. David Biederbeck

    This is great! I’m not hearing sound though!

    • Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

      @David! Haha! Yes. I mentioned that I use it on my website. The Website already has an existing song that ties in nicely with the video. :)

  5. Josh

    i love abstract! my intentions where never for video use when i bought my 5dmkII. but it just caught me. couldn’t put it down with the high def, shallow dof moving images it was producing.

    brought it along to shoot a friend’s birthday for fun. had a rough idea of what i wanted it to be like and here it is!


    the learning curve never stops!

  6. Taylor Roades

    when I finally upgrade to the mark II or cross your fingers for me Mark III I’m adding video to my website in a heart beat!!!

  7. Bekah

    I was checking out your new site yesterday and was thinking how much I enjoy the way you implemented video! It is different than the traditional video clip – its Promified :) My husband is a film guy, so I love every moment I am “on set” helping him with a commercial and film shoot! Getting behind the camera this last year has been a blast. I have not tried editing yet. I have learned video is quite different than my world of print design and still frames.

  8. Rashel - ListenMR.com

    I have a vlog with my sister where we interview women doing great things – women in business, women in design, women in non-profit etc! iMovie has been amazing for us because it’s easy to use and cuts down editing time. We’ve only had one problem with the program freezing and losing our footage.

    ps. We love reading your blog!

  9. Jordan Brantley

    LOVE the video element of your new site. It really lets your personality come out.

    I just started playing with video and I have to admit, I’m pretty addicted myself!
    Here’s my latest video experiment: http://ow.ly/bGUwR

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. Kelly Ann

    Hi Promise-

    Love your blog and name- Pleaseeee tell what shade of lipstick are you wearing in this video- I love it!!

    Please email me when you have a chance-


  11. Candace S.

    This is SUCH a great idea! I love story telling and writing so putting pics on my blog is easy. I also have a youtube channel where I have LOTS more subscribers but I wasn’t to keen on how to combine the two. I want to be more personal and this way is perfect! Thanks Promise!

  12. Avatar of Promise Tangeman Promise Tangeman

    Hey kelly,
    The lipstick I am wearing is from MAKEUP FOREVER. I have 2 favorites that I wear together. number 38 and number 10.

  13. Katie

    Hi, Promise! I’m just getting into experimenting with video. How do you go about getting permissions for music to pair with your videos? Thanks for any help/insight you can provide on that front! :) Thanks for the inspiration to start trying my hand at video-shooting and editing! Your blog has really inspired me to continue growing and developing my brand, and I’m so thankful for that! :)