I just finished the book: Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel. The book focused on the word “girl” not so much the word “nice”. In other words it’s not mean’t to say that nice people don’t get anywhere in life. And I don’t believe that. But it has some really great tips on how to act, think, sound, respond, and lead as a strong woman instead of acting like a sweet *little* girl that we were brought up to be. Some of content is geared towards an older generation. I think that our younger generation definitely feels more empowered than our mothers in some ways. But I still got a lot out of the book. Have you read it before? If so, what did you think? I know there is some contrasting thoughts about that book.

I believe that some women in the workplace are KILLING it. Making it a better working environment on all levels. I enjoyed reading this article on how women are surpassing men in the workplace in certain areas. All around I recommend the book if you are a woman looking to stand a little taller, believe in yourself a bit more, and stretch your leadership potential.

On another note, I found the photo below when I was cleaning out my computer folders. I like to keep my files organized so I can find things easily. But when I have a screen share Skype session I clean up real quick sweeping everything under the rug in a folder titled “stuff”. Overtime I accidentally accumulate stuff1, stuff2, and stuff3 folders. Haha. But anyway. I enjoyed seeing this photo, going back to memory lane, and thinking WHAT WAS I THINKING WITH THAT BLONDE HAIR?!?! I’m definitely a brunette kinda girl. Here is the blog post from 2009. Reminded me that I’ve been posting since 2008! Crazy!

And one more thing…On Monday I am releasing the new Fall 2012 website designs for Sitehouse. AHH!!! And we are getting closer and closer to the October Workshop. I am so in love with the girls already! We got them in a Facebook group already getting to know each other, chatting, and some are EVEN TEXTING!! What?!?! That’s crazy! Looking forward to getting to know them more through the branding & style homework and finally meeting them in October! AHH!!! Ready to rock!

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  1. Sarah

    I honestly loved the blonde, but I totally understand how you feel when you go back to old photos! I barely recognize myself when I had bleached blonde hair! I love the brunette too…it gives you more color!!!

  2. rachel

    I am looking forward to getting that book on my kindle. Lately I have been reading a lot about how to improve body language, posture and tone of voice as well as word choice to come across as a more professional woman in an authoritative way rather than being perceived as a responsible & organized secretary strait off AMC’s Mad Men.

    I recently applied to a lot of adjunct faculty & assistant professor positions and kept getting the same response “you’re so sweet” “you’re too feminine” “your designs are too stylized for a female audience” “you don’t seem like you can take charge of a difficult situation”

    Thanks for the book review!

  3. Jenika

    I just checked that book out from the library! :-) Will be interested to read it, hoping it will be substantive and not just stereotype warmed over.

    And girl, you’ve got STYLE. I LOVE it.


  4. Annie

    Haha! :) “Horse wig” made me smile! I remember that post – I saw it on Sarah’s blog and that’s how I found you! Been reading ever since! I love your thrifty style and definitely your hair. Can’t wait to meet you! xo

  5. Lydia

    I always thought you looked great as a blonde, but I must say that the brunette color is amazing on you! It tempts me to possibly play around with my own hair a little bit more!

  6. augusta

    I so remember that post! And I absolutely love you as a blonde. Love to see you growing and continuing to develop your own style though. :)

  7. Scarlett & Stephen

    Ha ha, I’m honestly still getting used to the brunette because I first met you as a blonde and totally think you pull it off just as much. But, yes, I too once used to be bleached blonde until I finally realized, God made me brunette for a reason. p.s. I just bought my first Suave Dry Shampoo yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out per your suggestion! :-)

  8. Bethany Barkey

    Hey! I bet you would also get a kick out “Nice Girls Don’t Change the World” by Lynne Hybels! It’s super short, quick read so if I ever need a pep talk a glance through it!! Well use too…I gave away the two copies I had and need to get another! Hah!

  9. Jana

    I read the majority of this book the same day I bought it. It has many excellent tips on how to cut out drama and stay professional. The only thing I did not like about the book is throughout the entire thing any type of feminimity is equated to decreasing your credibility. Long hair, painted nails, even tilting your head while listening to someone speak. Basically, it tells you the less feminine you are, the more credible you become.
    I’m a woman, I have long hair and breasts and I don’t feel the need to cover them up or hide anything. Perhaps that is the nature of the beast. Perhaps that is just the nature of the beast but I feel the only thing that should effect credibility is performance, not appearance. What a lovely world that would be.
    Since reading I have also ordered Hardball For Women which is also somewhat dated but still full of great insight.

  10. Jenna Evans

    You have the best style – I have loved reading your blog and hearing your thoughts on work, design, life, evvvverything! You are an inspiration for all of us creative gals!