So I have been really excited about this project and I’m so glad I get to show you today. Brooke White is a SUPER talented singer songwriter and such an AWESOME girl. Brooke found me on twitter a while back and asked me to design her a simple landing page for her site. We plan to develop a more in depth site in the future, but we just kept it simple for her re-appearance this coming Wednesday on American Idol. WOOHOOO for BROOKE!!! You may recognize her from the Girls with Glasses Show that I blogged about yesterday. A big thanks to SHOWITFAST.COM for the creative freedom in the software for me to make this site. And a thanks to them for processing it ASAP to go live before her AI appearance. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

You know those projects where you just feel REALLY inspired to create it?!? Well, that was this way for me. Getting to know Brooke, seeing her personality, and then seeing her inspiration images, made my head and heart start spinning with ideas. It’s really refreshing and exciting when the client you work with REALLY gets you, the design process, and totally trusts you. I was UBER inspired for this project and I hope it shows. I told her that if she didn’t like the site then consider it MY new site. haha. SHE LOVED IT! Great for her, great for me, bad for me. hahaha.

Brooke’s personality is super bubbly, happy, and she has a zest for life. When we chatted about her site design and new look, we discussed her LOVE for the 1970s. It’s a whimsical hippie style meets modern folk. You could go so many directions with a 1970s hippy style… so I had Brooke pull some images that caught her eye and represented her look and feel. These images below in particular really stuck out to me and made our discussion come to life. She mentioned that she really liked my website design, and wanted a strong and simple structure, and the stand out buttons like my site.

Brooke just had a shoot with the AMAZING We incorporated these looks in black and white and color on the simple landing page of her site. The palm tree image was a photo that I took I Palm Springs last summer. It was so fun to be able to incorporate my photography into the design of the site.

Last but not least I whipped up some buttons for the major links on her site. These little icons are color washed in 1970s colors. The link hover colors are my favorite. Be sure to check it out. I think these add a completed 1970s feel to the site, and make it a little more interesting of a landing page.

I hope you like the site. I always love to hear your feedback. Please be sure to check out Brooke on American Idol performing Elvis’ “If I Can Dream” Wednesday, April 14, 2010!!! Or Set your DVRs! or click on the website image to visit the site i created

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